U-Line Beverage Station

Built in beverage station

This has been a very exciting time in our house and the function of home. You will first see the before photo of when we bought our Florida home with an outdated nook or niche that is housing a china cabinet. Once the previous owner moved out, this space was completely useless and needed to have some function in our busy family life. U-Line was the perfect match and sent us details of their newest line of refrigerators called the 1 Class. The transformation from useless to the star of our home is absolutely amazing. Love it too? Check out the U-Line website and use code Glitter20 for 20% off.

Function and Beauty

Below you will see the before of the space. Woof. I am sure for the time of the house with the original owner this was stunning. I bet in 1985 this was a show stopper. You can see the china cabinet in the niche and this trend was very popular in the day. Not owning or wanting a china cabinet, I ignored this nook for years. Finally as the refrigerator was over flowing with all the kid’s drinks and snacks… *que light bulb turning on, I knew this space had all the potential.

Before and after

The after and the solution are just stunning. This space looks completely custom and like it was made as part of the design of our house. The beverage station just takes center stage with so many details but the star of the show is definitely the U-Line 1 Class refrigerators.

Built in

In a Class all it’s own

U-Line has been creating functional and beautiful refrigeration systems since 1962… and it shows! Both of these refrigerators are part of the U-Line 1 Class. The left side is what we loving call the adult side and is the HBV124 24” Beverage Center. This side has two slide out wine racks, two adjustable shelves, and stores a combination of wine and beverages.

The right side of this system is the kid side and is the HRE124 24” Refrigerator. Stores ingredients, snacks, and beverages as well as 3 adjustable glass shelves and 1 slide-out black metal shelf. You can see this area is just perfect for all of our kid’s and their friend’s needs.

1 class refrigerators
dual beverage station
Wine fridge
Beverage Station
Built in beverage station


Now this is an entertainers dream! U-Chill is an in-counter cooling cylinder designed to maintain the temperature of cold beverages while enjoying so each glass is perfectly chilled. Great for champagne, wine, craft beer, carafes of juice or water, and spirits. Tap the smart-touch stainless steel crown is the only control – tap three times to select from 27 different color options to gently light the bottle, or tap four times for color flow.

See it all in action

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