Out with the Old and In with the New

Door Reveal

Never, in my wildest dreams, would we have ever thought that something as simple as doors would change the entire look of our home. When we partnered with Woodgrain to replace and up grade our three sets of french doors, not only did the look our our home change but also the feel!

1985 Called and They Want Their Doors Back

Before doors

When we moved into our home in 2016, there were many updates we wanted to get going on but doors were not on my mind. Although the color of the doors is something that we did not love, it was the stained glass that I could not stand! Lucky enough to win the one of the categories of Orange Tank that is put on by The Home Depot at the Haven conference, I was also lucky to have Woodgrain reach out through my DMs to congratulate me! Once we started talking, we decided that my three sets of french exterior doors would be the perfect project to partner on. Never would I have ever of guessed just how much of an amazing partnership this would be.

Door hinges

To get these doors going, the hinges first need to be removed. The hinges are what allow your door to open and close. Typically, each door will have three hinges each and these will need to be removed. To remove the hinges you will first need to remove the hinge pin. For exterior doors, the pin will be released from the inside, never the outside. To get your new Woodgrain doors ready for hinges, we used a router to cut out the hinge so that the hinge plate would sit flush against the door siding.

Door Locks

Next up are the door locks! We used the old doors as a template for our amazing new doors. After measuring and marking where the door lock needed to be installed, we used a router and a door lock kit that is made by Ryobi. The Woodgrain doors were the perfect material to cut out the hinges and locks with ease because of their high quality. Now to remove the remaining two sets of french doors and repeat the same techniques to those doors.

French doors

When One Door Closes, a New One Opens!

New Doors

Is this not the best before and after make over you have ever seen for front doors? How great are these craftsman style doors that are a touch modern and allow for so much more light! These front exterior doors are what our dreams are made of. Sanding down the painted cedar as well as painting the previous green a black color really make these Woodgrain doors the star of the show!

Inside Front doors
Doors with Windows

The inside view of these exterior Woodgrain doors are just as amazing. What I love the most is where we had zero natural light before, we now have the front entry way flooded in beautiful light.

The remaining of the french doors are off the back side of our home. Living in Florida we love having the feature of the pool. We wanted to see as much of the pool through the house with as much glass as possible. These french doors we were thrilled to get where exactly what we had hoped for.

On either side of the french doors are raised side panels. These side panels allow for even more light to shine through in an updated and modern way.

French Doors
Woodgrain Doors
Exterior Doors

We feel like we are living in an entirely new home with just the upgrade of our Woodgrain doors! Everyone enjoys the added light and we love the visual freshness that these new doors give our home. With these new doors we are finding ourselves loving our home and this partnership is definitely helps make our little slice of heaven that much sweeter!

before and after

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