As a quirky, creative former band nerd, I’ve spent most of my life living in a small rural suburb of Orlando. I almost always have food stuck in my hair, or crafting supplies glued to my legs. I will always eat dessert before dinner. I think anything can be accomplished while wearing a great tulle skirt and I think the perfect pair of shoes will make any outfit a perfect choice.

I once wore a shirt to a fashion show that I had completely stapled together. Although I got numerous compliments, I was secretly terrified that it would break mid-show because I had forgotten to bring my ’emergency’ stapler! That pretty much explains my personality – if I can’t find it, I’ll make it!

But to really understand who I am, you have to first understand the crazy life I live and my perfectly messy family.

… and then there were three

When you think about your first child, I think you’d hope for our oldest son, Luke. Super pale, blonde-hair and freckled – Luke is a master at sharing and could win an Olympic medal for catching his sisters when they topple off the couch. He’s sensitive and compassionate, and once drew me the best hand-turkey I’ve ever seen! Always wearing his heart on his sleeve, Luke loves animals and wants to be a shark-doctor when he grows up.

Madison – our middle. Aptly called ‘#madisonmadness’, this little one is our crazy unicorn cat lady. She has a little more of me than I’d like to admit sometimes – the crazy hair and tiny glasses, but also lots of creative energy for this baby swan. She’s an amazing swimmer, but not an amazing listener. Her favorite color is “Purple Sparkle”. She brings my flair for fashion – she will only wear dresses and must bring her purse EVERYwhere she goes!

Lola – the Turkey. Born the day before Thanksgiving, Lola knows she’s the baby of the group. She loves to eat and always wears a bracelet. Luke is her best friend (currently), and she will watch Moana until I can’t handle “You’re Welcome” one more time. She’s already our little emo-child; her hair grows directly in to her eyes and she can pout with the best of them! But she is always singing – we know she’ll be our little hippie-child; the musician with the free-spirit and spunky personality!


But it began with two….

I’ve been married since 2007 to a cross-country blind date gone horribly perfect. Mathew ‘Handsomeface’ (as he’s in my phone), is everything I never knew I needed. A midwest boy from the start, he grew up in Iowa loving the outdoors and is every bit a family-man and provider! Sadly, he’s not funny at all – which is what makes me love him even more! He definitely loves his own jokes and we definitely let him!

And now, a business!

So here I am! My perfect business where I can be exactly what I need to be! A Girl and Her Glitter allows me to think creatively for every project. After studying mixed media arts in college, I joined a local event planning company as an intern in 2005, before becoming part owner in 2007. I specialized in full event design and unique details. If I couldn’t find what I was looking for – I would just make it! I realized that creating the big picture design and unique pieces for each client was what I wanted to continue to do!

So I took a leap of faith and opened A Girl and Her Glitter in 2016.

I love to come up with things that no one else has seen or done. If you can think it, I can design it! I hate cookie-cutter projects, and I work best with full creative license!

Thanks to KEJ Productions for this video from my first workshop!


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