Faux Concrete Headboard

DIY fake concrete

Looking at all kinds of headboards I could not find one that I really wanted. Wood tones mixed in with concrete came into my head and I could not get it out. Originally I wasn’t planning on having my headboard be DIY but creating my own faux concrete headboard is definitely one of my favorite How To’s!

How to Make Fake Concrete

How to make faux Concrete

After installing the the DIY Trim around the windows and updated the base boards, the head board was the obvious next project to conquer. I knew what I wanted for our room. We want our room to be our place of rest and recharge. To create a zen space, green comes to my mind as well as fluffy bedding and window treatments that soften a space.

Floating headboard

Starting with a 2″X4″ frame on the wall, I located the studs and then screwed in the drywall. Then this simple process is with just using pre made joint compound and you can tint this with ANY paint color you want. I went with Battle Ship Grey by Behr. This color has the slightest tint of green so I knew it would go well. Put more of your color in with the joint compound for a more saturated tint and less paint for less saturation. You can watch the entire youtube video for the entire process!

Materials needed for faux concrete: Joint Compound, Scraper, Ryobi Miter Saw, and Ryobi Brad Nailer.

DIY faux concrete
Joint compound concrete
Ryobi cedar Miter saw
joint compound headboard
concrete diy headboard