DIY Wood Trim

DIY Window Trim

My husband planned a guys trip and I thought it would be the perfect time to surprise him with a room glow up that he didn’t have to do! The first step to this space is was the trim and although it is a simple process, there is a lot of trim that needs to be done in this space. Just remember, KISS.

Grow up!

DIY headboard

When you see the after of this project, the trim won’t be the focal point of the space but it is the finishing touch that is important. You can call it the mascara that frames the eyes or the brows that shape a face but whatever you call it, the outcome would not look nearly the same. Let’s do it.

Supply List

Wood Trim DIY

For the baseboards; I used 1″X6″ boards with a brad nailer to install. For the windows; 1″x4″s for the sides and bottom. For the topper, I used a craftsman style approach and achieved this with 1″x2″s on the outside and a 1″x6″ sandwiched between. First, measure out your cuts and use your miter saw to cut the lengths. Nail into place, add wood putty to the nail holes as it dries, add caulking to all of the gaps. When dry, sand down the putty and tape off your trim. *Tip From Experience* take the extra step to paint the wall color over your tape BEFORE your actual trim color. This will seal in the tape and will prevent the end trim color from leaking. When ready, paint the color you want for your trim. This will take much longer than you think but, man it is so worth it.

How to install trim

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