Wasted Space

Kitchen Design

Do you have a space in your home that is just unusable? Maybe not completely unused but definitely overlooked and underutilized. Let’s change all that…

Lack Luster No More

Before and After kitchen makeover

Before, during and afters are so fun to look at because they show the entire thought process. The during photo is pretty enough to stand on it’s own. When designing this space I wanted to be able to switch everything out easily as well as make it something to look at.

Wood Detail Kitchen

The wood details are so pretty and super simple to create. I used 1″X2″s to create the arrow look. The side piece of wood to cover the exposed wood is 1″X8″ and the stain is flagstone. The wood stain is Flagstone and was attached with a 2″ 18 gauge nail using a nail gun.

Shallow Shelves

metal shelves

Shallow is actually Good! The space cannot have shelves that stick out too much. This area is walked by frequently and needed to be shallow. We used another 1″X2″ and a 1″ angle iron.

Shallow shelves

Watch it All Come Together

See everything as well as behind the scenes to recreate this look for your home on my YouTube channel!

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