Unicorn Valentine’s Day Box

Valentine's Day Box

Calling all unicorn loving people! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and as it does we are all about that magical horse. We’re making Unicorn Valentine’s Day boxes to hold all of those treasured cards, candies and trinkets. Raise your hooves in the air, and wave it like you just don’t care because here is the easiest tutorial ever!

The Ultimate Unicorn Box

Most kids bring Valentine’s Day containers, bags or anything to host and exchange their sweet notes and goodies. Last year, I had a wild  hair and decided to make a Valentine’s Day bow with my daughter Madison. When crafting with my kids, nothing brings me more joy along with aggravation. To get the maximum amount of joy, the more simplified the better. We ran to Michaels  and grabbed a “storage” bin that was $5 and as cute as could be. The box was already beautiful so that was already done for us.

The How To

With the box in our cart, we then went and grabbed some faux flowers, hot glue and some clearance ornaments that looked exactly like a horn! When we arrived home we plugged in our glue gun, plucked the faux flowers off their stems and cut some eyelashes with my Cricut. In less than 30 minutes we enjoyed out time together and had a beautiful box for her to take to school. Madison came home with the biggest smile and was full of unicorn pride! Yes, I had a few Moms tell me that “of course I made that for Madison…” and these comments made me want to share so that they could see how easy it really was.

To Print off your crafting “recipe” scroll down to the bottom.

Materials Used:

Cricut Maker, Storage Box, Faux Flowers, Glue Gun, Hot Glue, Sharpie, Fiskars Scissors

Have a Fortnite loving little human that needs a Valentine’s Day box as well? Check out this Fortnite Valentine’s Day box!

Unciron Valentine's Day SuppliesGather your magical supplies! Sparkle paper, faux flowers, storage box, Hot glue/gun and sharpie marker.

Unicorn DIYRemove those faux flower heads by simply pulling up off the stem. Some don’t go willingly, you can use wire cutters too!

Unicorn Flowers

Paper Unicorn HornTake your paper of choice, and cut a free handed curve. Take your hot glue and line one end and roll it up onto it’s self and hold into place.

Unicorn DIY hornPlace your horn on the box (this curve cut will make it lean forward just a bit so that it will not be straight up and down) and hot glue the base into place.

Unicorn How toStart laying out  your floral before you glue into place. Once you like how your flowers are looking, take hot glue and glue the underside of the flower, then hold it into place on the box.

DIY Unicron Flowers

How to Unicorn ValentineKeep adding your floral until you are feel like the mythical creature is coming to life!

Unicorn ValentineTaking the front of the box and tilt toward yourself securely. I used my legs.

Unicron eyelashesDO NOT GET NERVOUS about this! I totally free handed the eye lashes. Feel free to google “lashes” and first pencil them on. Go back and use your sharper to make it permanent.

Unicorn Valentine's Day box

The possibilities are endless! You can use any kid of box as well as using your Cricut for cutting out eyelashes (these are from Love The Day) and ornaments for a horn.

Unicorn Valentine

Valentine Box Unicorn360 view below:

Valentine's Day Box

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