Two Wild Birthday

Two wild and definitely too cute! That’s this little birthday girl for sure! We loved creating these beautiful additions to this Mommy friend’s perfectly planned party. When planning Rowen’s two full finger old party, the mom knew exactly what she wanted to do- something wild to match her youngest daughter’s personality.

Two Wild

This party was sure to be all of the beautiful things and we were so excited to create these few pieces that the Mom sent to us. We first started with the entrance and wanted to make a banner- only thing is- the entry way is very wide. Unlike most banners, we need this one to be on a larger scale. We used canvas and cut them into pendants and lightly prayed the palest teal on the tips. We used our Cricut Maker to add the letters- letting the word “party” be a little bit more fun. We then used faux flowers to accent and compliment the large scale signs flanking the doorway. The elephant and giraffe were hand painting onto wood and some floral flare for such an occasion.

Two Wild Birthday Entrance

Two Wild Birthday BannerWe later found this hand dipped and dyed banner from her big sister’s first birthday (that we also created) and thought it would be the perfect accent to Miss Giraffe.

Two Wild Birthday Animals

Backdrop Letters

We loved this idea when Mom sent it to us and knew we had to make it our own! I used foam core to hand cut the letters, then, we added spray paint from gold to teal and eventually leaving the original white. We added the faux flowers which really helped tie in the softer/girlie side of the party in with the wild side. We were sure to use command hooks to hang these letters but let the letters hang slightly off the wall to create a bit of a shadow effect.

Two Wild Birthday backdrop


Look at her face… Two Wild? Don’t let her fool you! So worth it- happy birthday Row!

Thank you to the Mommy- Kristin- for always inspiring me to create!

Thank you to Kristen Weaver Photography for the amazing photos!

All supplies from Michaels Stores




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