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Enjoying crafting is a passion of mine and as my kids are growing I am seeing it’s theirs too! Thunder Bay has an incredible line of crafting books that inspire you to create so many things. The girls open the pages to two books and landed on a similar theme.

Lola was immediately attracted to “Make Your Own Marbled Creations,” and Madison to the “52 Nature Craft Projects.” Both included eggs so we purchased some foam eggs and larger eggs on sticks and got to work!

Thunder Bay Two Ways: Natural

First up is Madison and she LOVES nature. In the book of “52 Nature Craft Projects,” they was drawn toward using outside greens, watered down glue and a paint brush. We gathered supplies and grabbed the softest leaves in the yard and went to work. Watering down school glue, we were able to apply the glue to the egg with a paint brush.

Layer the glue onto the egg, apply the leaf to the egg and push gently with your fingers. Once the leaf is applied then layer the glue again over top and leave till dry. You can style these eggs in any way and next time we are going to try mini wild flowers! Madison was so thrilled with the results.

52 nature craft projects
Natural eggs
Kid Crafts
DIY kid Easter Eggs
green easter eggs

Styled Natural Eggs

Went around the house and chose pieces to would make these eggs center stage. Using clear containers and over filling the eggs makes these eggs look super high end. Using greens makes the leaves pop from the eggs. Using the same palate of all neutrals keeps everything cohesive.

Easter Centerpiece
Natural Spring Centerpiece

Thunder Bay Two Ways: Marbled

We love anything we can get our hands messy with, but this project kept them clean! Using a container we followed the book, ” Make Your Own Marbled Creations,” instructions starting with water and corn starch. Using the paint provided we poured it into the water. Giving the paint a light swirl we were ready to roll our faux eggs across the surface. The simplicity of this project was great for my five year old but my nine year old and I loved it just as much!

Marble Eggs
Faux marble eggs
Thunder Bay Marbled Eggs

Marbled Eggs Styled

Now that the eggs are marbled and dried, it’s time to make them into the center of attention. Creating this faux floral piece look gorgeous but it needed a certain marble touch. Good thing we had the perfect Spring pieces for this!

Easter Floral arrangement
Spring Floral Arrangment
Faux Easter Arrangement

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