Thankful Giving with Xyron

Thanks and giving are what this time of year is all about. With the times we are living in there is so much to be thankful for and giving to those we know and who are in need. In our home we host an “open door” Thanksgiving. Many do not have the means to create a lavish meal and others just don’t get to be (or don’t want to be- partly kidding) with their loved ones. We love to entertain and this year will be no different but we are going to make this holiday even more special with some pretty and useful details with Xyron. This table set up is charcuterie style and can be used for a grand appetizer for those coming and going or as your adult lunchable meal.

Setting the Table

Charcuterie table top

Your charcuterie board doesn’t need to be a ton of work. You can home make as much or as little as you would like, there is no pressure or right way to do it. At the grocery store I chose to pick up a lot of pre cut and fresh items to make a colorful and inviting table. Charcuterie is all about taking a variety of foods and laying them out in an appetizing way. Have fun with your layout and consider using different heights, trays and platters for your display. From salty to sweet and everything in-between you’ll hit everyone’s palate and avoid possible allergies. Plus, everyone likes to create their own mini buffet on a plate.

Xyron place setting

The Xyron in the Details

Food place card

Xyron has everything you need to label your cheeses and dips that your guests might not know exactly what they are. There is no need to label everything so you can save some time there, everyone know that grapes are grapes. For our unique food labels I wanted them to be moldable and one of a kind. Using Xyron glue guns we filled in silicone molds and added gold floral wire to cool into the center. Once the glue is cool to the touch, remove the glue and you have a weighted base for your labels.

Using an inkjet printer, print off your labels with the toner setting on high. Using our Xyron Glaminator we can layer the foil of your choice on top of the printed wording, place inside the protective shield and feed through your machine. Once your foiled covered wording has gone through your Glaminator you can remove the foil and reveal your shiny creation! Once your designs are done, you can cut them into any shape, I chose to cut mine into a leaf to go with my glue molds. Creating this layered look was done with the X sticker maker and is so easy to use.

Xyron hot glue
Hot Glue Gun
Xyron Sticker Maker
Xyron Craft
Hot glue molds

Your glue mold leaves can also be used as decorative details to make your table cohesive. I lightly spray painted the molds to have them pop from the rest of the tableā€¦ and also so people don’t think they are food. Getting a little crazy, I decided that I wanted to bring the decor into the lighting above. This was easy to achieve due to how the floral wire bends and moves. Wanting to bring in some festive colors, I up cycled ribbon and glued them to a Kraft paper runner. The paper runner also is perfect for the overflow of your foods.

DIY Table Runners
Thanksgiving Table
DIY Chandelier
Ribbon Chandelier

With Xyron and the holidays you can be thankful and giving. The possibilities are endless with Xyron and all of their helpful and creative tools to make you stand out.

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