Styling Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom Styling

Going for a modern spa in our primary bathroom was easier than I thought. Taking out a previous linen closet and building custom floating shelves was perfect for this small space. Floating shelves and open shelving are one of the many ways to make a tight space feel bigger. Styling bathroom shelves can prove to be difficult but I am here to set your mind at ease. With these quick and simple suggestions, you can shop your home and use existing items to decorate. Should you need new items, I have everything linked for you!

Creating Depth Using Texture

Bathroom Shelving

This space has bright and neutral walls and with the brown/gray trim, it could be a bit stark. I wanted to create depth using texture and knew that a heavy sea grass woven basket would much needed. The top basket has our wash cloths, the second one down from the top has hand towels, third holds our towels and the laundry basket completes the look. These baskets were bought a few years ago but I have a beautiful similar set linked here. Even our bathroom towels are heavy texture with this waffle knit from Casaluna.

Bathroom Towels

Decorative Details:

Bathroom Decor

The texture doesn’t just only come through the baskets themselves but through some specific decor hunting. The opposite wall in this bathroom has a lot of green so bringing in some faux string of pearls that are a really good dupe on the real ones. I wanted to not only bring in a natural wood element to complement the woven baskets but also a reflective surface. This half moon mirror is so interesting and was compact enough to perfectly fit the space I needed it to.

Bathroom art

You’ll soon see that we have granite counters so bringing in some stone into this place was kismet. I have had these marble taper candle holders for some time but found some gorgeous marble dupes that are similar and will give off the same vibe. Using art in unexpected areas is one of my all time favorite styling ideas. I am not one for having a ton of art on the walls but in space like this shelf opening, this simple black line art was perfect for our bathroom.

Styling your bathroom

This vase of sand might seem random, but it is from our wedding ceremony when we did a combining of two sands that become one. It’s been hidden away in my closet for years and this subtle green mixed with this beaded decorative rope tie in the mirror from below. Wanting a pop of some sort of art up top, I used all left over items that were in my garage. Using a canvas, black yarn and a scrap piece of wood, I was able to create this creative piece.

Don’t be afraid of open shelving, so many benefits come along with them like feeling updated/modern and the obligation to keep things tidy! When styling shelving, try to incorporate items you already have around the house and be specific about what you want if you need to purchase something. Move things around, play with texture and most of all, be true to your aesthetic.

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