Shrinky Dink Hand Print

This is a Mother’s Day/ Parent gift is one that you will want to give (and I kept a set too!). It’s not just a mom gift, it’s a cool mom’s gift.

Mother's Day Gift

Paint your kid’s hand with acrylic and press onto the shrinky dink material (press each finger down). Let dry and once the paint is dry, cut out the hand print. PUNCH A HOLE with your hole punch. I have forgotten this many times. Supplies; shrinky dink material, paint, keychains and sharpies.

Mother's Day shrinky dink hand print

Have your child write their name on the plastic at this point. Follow your shrinky dink plastic directions, it may be different than mine. I watched mine closely and you’re going to want to freak out and pull it out early as it starts to twist and turns. IT WILL lat more flat. IF your material doesn’t go completely flat- take a card board piece and press onto the plastic AS SOON as soon as the material comes out of the oven.

Shrinky dink Mother's day gift

When your shrinky dink material is completely cooled, apply Mod Podge to protect the paint and names.

DIY mother's day gift

Add the dried plastic material to a key chain for a one of a kind gift!

Cool Mother's Day gift

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