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Paper Flowers

It’s here! They are here! Roo b. Co paper flower kits are available to you. Each kit has three paper flowers that are pre cut and come in all white. Now these paper flowers can be handmade by you with the help of our tutorial videos. For your next birthday, home decor, wedding or anything you can think of the plain white allows you to custom paint them. These DIY oversized paper flowers can be yours today!

The Origin Story

Wedding planner turned craft-maven, Kristen Johnson got her start coming up with unique ways to let every bride have their dream wedding – regardless of budget. From hand-painted dance floors to luxury installs, Kristen was always creating exciting new ideas for her clients. After moving on from the wedding industry, she found her love for crafting and started a crafting influencer career with clients like NBC, BravoTV, Bluprint, HSN, Home Depot, Fiskers, Cricut and many more.

Everything started with a bride who wanted her wedding to be unique. This particular bride wanted to have the backdrop of her cake to be completely made of flowers. Unfortunately her budget would not allow for this to happen. As her wedding planner, Kristen knew she could figure out how to get her flowers, make it all unique and be within her budget. With oversized paper, hot glue, and scissors in hand, Rubiko paper flowers were born that night on the floor of Kristen’s dining room.

Now these oversized paper flowers are available to you! Read more and order on

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