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Everyone has a space in their home that gets pushed the “back burner” in design and function. This area turns into space that serves as a catch all and is missing out on the true potential the space could have. It is hard to know where to start, so let’s begin by clearing out that space and uncovering those walls!

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The Project Color App

The Home Depot is making the first step more accessible and effortless through paint. Paint is a very important decision but can often be a tricky one. Your home should be a reflection of you to all you welcome in. Now, with just using your fingertips, you can access the ProjectColor™ App that allows you to see the paint in your space on your phone, before you buy.

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Augmented Reality, Color Match Oh My

When starting with your design, think about how you would use your space. Need inspiration? The ProjectColor™ App is full of trending colors and even works with Pinterest to motivate you. If you have an existing photo on your phone you can click on that photo and pick up different hues and colors to jumpstart your imagination. With this project, the cabinets are a custom color that we wanted match but just couldn’t get the right shade.

ProjectColor Macth

Grey kitchen

In this space, the idea was the elongate the extended nook from the kitchen by ProjectColor™ App was able to capture the drawer front of the cabinet and match the color perfectly. The app gives you brand and shape options so you can get exactly what you want.

ProjectColor Augmented Reality

Seeing is Believing

One of the challenges to painting is seeing the actual color in your space. The scenario of walking into The Home Depot to grab all the color swatches and even purchase those little samples is something we know all too well. You place the sample or swatch on your wall and try to envision that small square throughout room. Using augmented reality part of the app you can take a photo of your space and see any color in seconds. This realistic imaging takes our all of the guessing work before you even head to The Home Depot. Click on the color of your choice, or change your mind 100 times, and see the color on every square inch of your walls.

Behr Paint The Home Depot

Virtual into Reality

After you choose your color and are inspired to touch a paint brush to the wall, you can order directly from the app and pick up in store. No ore of looking at the sea of color samples and guessing if this is the right color for your home. You can now skip all of the uncertainly,  walk into The Home Depot, pick up your color and start painting.

The Home Depot ProjectColor App

From the screen to living in a world of color. The ProjectColor™ App doesn’t just assist you in finding the perfect shade  to place on your wall, this tool helps you make a space in your house part of your home. Finding the perfect color is all about you living your life with those you love through an expression of paint that tells your story. The Home Depot has put the fun in functional.

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