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Plaid Crafts with New York Bridal Fashion

Twice a year New York City is the home to Bridal Fashion week. These seven days are all about the design and beauty that comes to life through each designer’s unveiling their newest line. Only two times a year can you find the season’s more gorgeous lace, sparkle and wonder that is bridal. I’m bringing Plaid Crafts with me to Bridal Fashion week and you can bring this wall art into your home!

Mod Podge

Painting the town Plaid

Each season I have been honored to design The Knot’s Couture. This event is for designers to show off their new lines in one place so that retailers can see multiple designers at once. When I design spaces, I try to bring in a DIY project to inspire others that crafting can fit into all areas of life. You are going to need to get a stack of books, screws, drill, mod podge (matte finish), paint, brush and a marker.

Book art

First you are going to want to lay out all of your books in the general order that you desire. I knew the the space was 9’wide by 12′ high so I wanted the art to be 6′ wide by about 4′ high. Enough space to have spacing on each side and I had already planned out the space below where this art would hang.

Mod Podge Book Art

You’re first going to want to determine the half way point on your book, split the book when you do and life up a couple of pages. With the few pages in hand, take your 1/2″ screw and screw down your pages into the back cover. Taking your mod podge glue down the pages with a healthy helping of the adhesive. Place down the pages you were hold and smooth over the exposed screw. Take an even healthier helping of the mod podge and brush it on to your hearts delight! Let dry over night.

Cricut stencil

Stencil from Cricut

Using card stock that I’m never going to use, I designed a stencil using my Cricut Maker. I cut the individual letters from the sheet and got my plaid paint ready!

Mod Podge Craft

Choose your paint color (mine is saffron from Plaid), hold your stencil in place and let the paint dry. I used a stipple/brush stroke combination and once it was dry I added Mod Podge over the top of it. Let dry for at least 6 hours if not 12/24 hours.

Book Stencil Mod Podge

Here is a step by step of that Cricut stencil process. Super simple and even between pages/cracks you can get a great effect!

Sharpie Book Art

Adding Dimension

Once I was in the space- I added some sharpie marker to the edges to to have it pop against the wall. I took the fattest sharpie that I could find and free handed the edges. You can’t really mess it up- it’s like a rouge eyeliner that you just keep making thicker.

New York City Craft

You can do it!

The layout was simple to figure out once I was in the space because I wrote the row and book order on the backs. You can see how I made sure I liked the layout and the applied to the wall. I simply added command strips on the back (two per book) and pressed onto the wall.

The Knot Couture New York City

When the retailers arrived, they were drawn to this registration area because of the books on the wall. From the entrance, the desk is not visible so having the book art on the far wall created the visual interest to pull them through. You can see where the color came from with the rest of my color pallet in the space.

With Plaid crafts, I was able to create a visual stunner that stood out among the rest at the New York Bridal Fashion week with The Knot. One of the models loved it so much that she enede dup taking it home after the event.





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