Paper Flower Magnets for Michaels

Recently Michaels Craft Stores asked me to be their Paper Ambassador for Bluprint and the first project they wanted me to create were these paper flower magnets. Come again?! Yes, you just read that correctly. After nearly two years of being associated with Michaels and asking them repeatedly if I could be a Michael’s Maker, I was turned down. When I asked why, the response I received was the best thing that could have ever of happened to me and my career.

“No,” was the best answer I could have ever hoped for

The response was to the tone of, “you are not a good fit for the Michael’s Maker’s program because of the scale of your projects and your social media following.” I was devastated and a little upset. I mean, sure, my following is not very large on Instagram/Facebook or Pinterest… but my projects are too grand? A couple of days later, the program director emailed me telling me about an influencer who needed; 1. a Paper Expert you and 2. Someone who would be good on camera. She said I was the perfect fit.

The start of something incredible

This was the very start of a partnership that would change my life. Not even kidding. God holds my future and sometimes the answer is no… and sometimes it gives way to a much bigger yes! Below is my very first on camera experience with Bluprint representing the paper flower magnet for Michaels.  Don’t pinch me… I still can’t believe it. I am going to share with you some behind the scenes fun to give you more insight on this entire production under each photo.

You can see here I am obviously having the time of my life at the same time that my hair is a crazy pile of frizz and I am NOT even in Florida! Off to the side you can also see that I made some in advance, this helps to show “step outs” of the project to show it in stages. This allows for the filming to not take all day. This one we completed before lunch! *This was also AFTER we were all done.

Even thought we had step outs, this project is SO simple that the one I make on camera ended up being the one from start to finish.

Yes, those are the scissors I was given. Scissors made for a little hand… not my hand. They worked out just fine in the end. All the supplies you need are all shown here.

Fun fact, I seriously dislike how my hair ended up looking like I am from Florida. Just because I am doesn’t mean all that frizz! That hair, I also had just had my hair professionally done to be “ombre.” Yea, not quite. Not having the time to get it fixed and embraced the blonde with obvious roots.

I DID pick out this “dabber” from the Martha Stewart collection so that if kids joined the fun after watching this video- the clean up would be MUCH easier.

Apparently after each shoot you have to then pose with your projects. I wore crappy jeans and insisted they not show them! The director was amazing (and so was my entire crew) and we could not stop laughing even when I was struggling. They directed me to VERY JOYFULLY place my magnet on the sign… I did it like a total fool and we could not stop laughing- this is the actual laughter that was caught.

Fun Fact: my earrings are also the same paper flower project that I created in this video but then attached them to dangle earrings. Because, well, I’m extra.

You can find the actual step by step process on the blog as well here under spiral paper flower.



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