Outer Space Taco Cat Party

Madison was born on May 4th and completely changed our world. She’s insane in the best of ways and certainly cut the exact some cloth as her Momma (me!). When her seventh birthday was approaching, I asked her what theme she would like. My only request was to NOT have another unicorn party. Without hesitation she said, “Outer Space Kitty Cat Taco Party!”

Outer Space Kitty Cat Taco Party

At first I wanted to tell our soon to be seven year old that an Outer Space Kitty Cat Taco Party was not what we were going to do. Then I thought to myself, that’s incredibly imaginative and who am I to stifle that? I WISH I had that type of imagination. When I told her that we could totally do that party the planning started. We talked about menu, she designed her cake and then I asked her about the backdrop for her party.

Kitty Cat Taco Party

Taco Cat spelled backwards is…

Here is how we broke it down. We only do a backdrop as party decor (hey! I have three kids so a huge party is out of budget for us- plus my kids do not mind- that’s what pools are for) so it had to be cool. I had the idea of using a balloon arch because I had waited so long to even ask her, middle kid, what she wanted to do. First we needed the base with was this chicken wire and you’ll see below how it it used. The photos are not the best of the beginning process because I did not slow down to take photos. I will though… soon.

Outer Space Backdrop

How to mix Cats and Tacos in Outer Space

Madison said she wanted to make planets, have balloons and cats. I ordered these paper lanterns for the planets then we painted them and decorated them in true Madison fashion with oversized jewels and poms. Next were the balloons, most were left over and the holographic star ones were perfect. Google photo images provided all of theĀ  images of cats and we then had them printed on foam core from Office Depot. I love this Fiskars cutting tool for cutting foam core and that is what I used to simply cut out the images. We then added Tacos to four of the cut out cats and finished off the backdrop with foil fringe mixed with ribbon. Cake creation credit to Taylor Baked!

Galaxy CakeLook at that proud girl with her wink!

These are the terrible phone images but show how the chicken wire is the base and then I strung on the lantern planets and the fringe. Then, simply add in your balloons and cats!

Madison designed her cake by saying she wanted a two tiered cake that was purple and pink galaxy looking with sprinkles. I surprised her with kitty cat tacos that shot lasers out of their eyes.

Taco Cat PartyI wish I would have recorded her reaction coming out of the house, it was the best! Madison LOVED her backdrop and couldn’t wait to show her friends and family!

Taco Cat Birthday PartyThe backdrop was perfect for behind the cake and then we used it as a photo backdrop for photos. The guests loved it as well as the cake and of course, the choco tacos!

Happy Birthday sweet Madison, never ever let anyone tell you your dreams are too much. We all always be here cheering you on and behind you in all of your creative dreams!

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