One Hour DIY Planter

How to Planter DIY

If you have one hour free time to yourself and want to make something amazing, then this project if for you!

Planter DIY

1,2,3… It’s As Easy As…

Here’s the deal. I met some incredible women at the Haven Conference in 2019 in Atlanta Georgia and they are all so amazing. We liked each other so much that we decided to start a girl band. Just kidding. Kind of. We created @onehourdiy as well as #onehourdiy so that each week a different girl(s) from the group can share with you some DIYs that only take an hour! From Home decor to party planning, it’s a lot of fun. To see my Haven backdrop click here.

Flower pot diy

Minus the black yarn I added in later in a panic, here are the supplies you need. A junky planter, hot glue, sand paper and rope. Spray paint if you like.

I Almost Threw This Planter Out

Woven planter

You can see that in the photo to the upper left I painted the over all color a black and then added the bright white to the belly. It was going to be your normal and typical “hot glue rope onto of the round surface of the pot” (BORING) and then I realized there was no way I would have enough rope…

Geometric planter

In my panic, like… sweat is dripping into places it shouldn’t be discovering… I knew I needed to cover a majority of the surface with something else. I looked a vinyl, went through my fabric remnants and nothing was working. I asked my daughter what she thought and she said, ‘oh mommy! I have some yarn!” When she came out with all the colors of the rainbow I declined but she had a great idea to use yarn.

I used a staple gun to staple directly in the plastic planter. I had to use my trigger lightly to make sure the staple didn’t become complete flush with the surface. The reason was to create a geometric pattern using the black yarn and having it pop against the white. It totally worked.

Once the black yarn was weaved in and out of the open staples I was sure to flatten the staples just a bit the light use of a hammer. This allowed me to then hot glue the rope over the staples and creating this custom look.

DIY Woven planter
DIY Rope Planter

I started with the lighter rope making three rounds and then the darker in the middle with 5 layers and ending with the lighter in one. Designing in odds is typically best. You can see below that plastic can break, but in this care you would never know because the rope goes right over it!

DIY flower pot
Flower Pot planter DIY

From the top to the bottom you can see how beautifully this tables are hidden and secured. I was thrilled that I had all of these materials lying around the house and how well this turned out. The black yarn against the white with the rope is just amazing.

Black and white planter DIY

In my garage office space or at the front door, this planter went from heading to the curb to warm and welcoming!

Front Porch Decor DIY

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