Office DIY Slat Walls

DIY Office Slat Wall

When planning out my office space, I knew of a couple of things I did not want. I didn’t want the typical rainbow (just not my style) or pastel color scheme. I felt super bland about the entire space and then realized this was the one place I could do whatever I wanted. I did just that… whatever I wanted.

Blank Canvas

DIY Skinny Slat

It all starts with an empty space and the urge to want to make it more. I could not figure out what to put in this empty area and tried a few different ideas but unsure. At first I thought, “people like bright and light… so I should do that.” Then it hit me… no girl, you do you!

I LOVE the look of wood with black and neutrals with tons of greens. I sat there and decided, that’s what I’m going to do. I love the texture that skinny slat gives (so much so that I was planning on a headboard in this technique). I went with select pine to skip the sanding and uneven boards.

All you need; 1″X2″s, wood stain of your choice, nail gun with nails, wood glue and a ruler. That’s it! This is the best DIY to start with in the wood working world!

Skinny slat wall

Above you can see the color is red mahogany, but let me tell you know, it’s not! Toward the bottom of the stain it became VERY red but what was sitting on top was perfect. Also, Flagstone is the perfect medium wood tone that looks like the above.

Once your wood is stained, you want to add the wood glue to the backside and when you put it into place, be sure to use a scrap pieces for the spacing.

DIY Slat wall

Use a level to ensure that your piece of wood is perfectly vertical. Plus, after you do this to this piece, the rest will all be lined up!

Nail gun DIY

See how I have that spare piece of unstained wood between the two stained pieces? This is how I was able to add the next piece, hold it in place and then nail gunned it into place.

DIY Skinny Slat wood wall

I love the project so much that I decided to add the skinny slat on the backside of my filming wall! This was the perfect texture to tie in the space as well as create a great focal point for this DIY Calendar Wall.

DIY Skinny Slat office

Here is a full YouTube DIY on how I created this calendar wall:

Then I went a little crazy and added to the top of my desk area in the same space… this time I mixed up the pattern.

Office Space with plants

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