Modern Board and Batten

There is a space right off our kitchen that I hear is called a “breakfast nook.” When we bought our home we were excited about this extra living area but it was missing one thing… modern board and batten.

Catch all space

The Catch All Space

After almost three years of being in our home, no one was living in this extra space and it became the catch all. Everyone has a space in their home that it a literal catch all. When The Home Depot partnered with us on using The Project Color App, we knew this was the space we wanted to do it with.

Before and after

Texture and Pacthing

After we moved everything out of the space, Mathew and I covered the floors and windows with paper. We wanted to make sure everything was safe as well as easy for clean up when we patched and re textured the walls.

Wall Texture

Once the walls were all matching, we then were ready to cut our wood. Starting with 2″X4″s we cut them down to 1″X2″s. We left the baseboards 2″x4″s and the top of the window casings are 2″x6″.

How Much Wood would a Woodchuck Chuck?


Craftsman style houses are the kind that Mathew and I are both attracted to but we also love modern twists. Butting up wood instead of mitering is my preference.

Board and Batten

Install was a bit challenging. The entire space has concrete walls so just stapling the 1″x2’s into the wall just wasn’t going to cut it. Wanting to make sure that these wood pieces weren’t going to budge, we glues, screwed and nailed everything into place. Hopefully we don’t change our minds on this anything soon.

Modern Board and Batten

To achieve the perfect mirror image in this space, I first free handed this design on one side with frog tape and then matched it. When Mathew walked in and saw that I was thinking, his face… was not thrilled. However, he loves this space now!

Paint and the Finishline

Behr Paint

Paint was easy with The Project Color app and we knew exactly what it what it would look like before we put a brush to a wall. To make the kitchen look like a seamless design, we took a kitchen cabinet and color matched it through the app to paint the board and batten. We added the Dragon Fly color to the top. All of the paint was one coat magic through Behr. The process photos to the painted finish are pure magic!

Before and after Kitchen
Geometric Board and Batten

Living Our Best Lives

We don’t just live in this space now, we THRIVE in it. Adding these lush green plants really pops off that Dragon Fly color and bring the outside in.

The Home Depot Board and Batten

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