Merry and Bright Xyron

Let’s give them something to talk about! I’m talking about your guests and the conversation that they won’t be able to avoid when they take a seat at your dinner table. Have you ever wanted to decorate your table but quickly run out of space? Why should you be limited to the very center of your table? I say no more! That’s why I am going to make more more space in the most unlikely place and use Xyron to do it!

Table Talk

DIY Table Setting

Using what you already have from previous holidays, you can up cycle to create a one of a kind table while saving some cash. To create extra space we are going raise the table surface. Using a piece acrylic and actual hot glue sticks, I was able to raise the surface of the table to create more decorative space. To re create this look first measure out your table to determine your piece of acrylic. Then decorate your table top surface to see how high of the table you will need the plexiglass to be. Next you can cut your hot glue sticks to your desired height just using scissors. To have the glue stick stay in place, add a dab of hot glue to the top of the cut stick and attach the glue to the underneath of the acrylic. The glue stick is strong enough to hold the acrylic in place and won’t ruin the acrylic or the table. Place as many of these as needed to support your above decor and place settings.

DIY Table decor
DIY Place cards

Multi Layer Details

DIY Xyron crafts

We now have two layers for amazing details and we are going to use Xyron to do it! First up is the Glaminator and we are using it for our “Cheers” rolled place settings on each cup. We are also making name cards at each setting in the same font and red foil as the cups. Cut down to size, we can then use the X sticker maker to make them pop with the textured black card stock. Last up, we are curling paper into ribbons that say “Merry Christmas” and placing into clear bulbs for part of the centerpiece. Added details like different texture sprigs and ornaments complete this look and we already had it all from previous holidays.

Christmas Table
Christmas Lighting

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