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Mad Hatter Baby Shower

“We’re all quite mad here. You’ll fit right in!” When co host, Joshua, and I received the next party we would throw together, we were thrilled it was a baby shower with a twist. Our show on Bluprint, Bring the Party always a little cheekiness to it. This baby shower was no exception.

Focal Point

In my class on Bluprint called, Make Your Own Party Decor, I show you how to create this backdrop. Balloons are in all kinds of party themes and are not going anywhere. The shower setting was booked at a restaurant so the challenge. Like most venues rented, the ability to hang anything is limited. This free standing pvc structure is perfect because it travels well and eliminates the need to puncture anything. If you want to see all of the steps to this project and how this balloon focal point comes together, check it out on

Balloon Backdrop

Mad as a Hatter

When planning a baby shower I love to have more of a color scheme with touches of the theme rather than the theme taking over. This Mad Hatter theme was decided before the venue and a tea house seemed perfect. When booking a venue space, the upsides of renting a restaurant is that they have all of the dishware and decor.

Mad Hatter Baby Shower

These place cards were made using my Cricut Maker to cut the vinyl lettering. After the vinyl cut, simply take a playing card, fold it in half and then apply the vinyl using transfer tape.

Mad Hatter Place Card Cricut

You can see here that we added in cut foam core tea cups and a tea kettle to bring interest into the balloon backdrop. Greenery was also added into the open spaces while also bringing it a more organic look and feel.

Tea Baby Shower

Eat Me.

Don’t mind if we do! Joshua had the best time with this table set up. We combined our design and culinary to bring you a table runner of desserts that also acted as our centerpiece. As each guest took their seat, they were able to nosh on all of the sweets and treats. We brought in different heights that created visual interest and made mouths water.

Baby Shower Desserts

Favors and Games!

With this Mad Hatter theme, Eat Me cookies were a must. Wanting the favor boxes to show the fun wording, I used my Cricut Maker to create these craft paper boxes. Joshua and I splattered them with paint to give some dimension and then cut and adhered acetate for the top opening.

Mad Hatter Favors Cricut

The game for this shower really had me pushing my creative limits. I wanted to play a game that would have the theme of the party stand out. IT then hit me that the top hats that the Mad Hatters wore would be perfect. I noticed that the hats had measurement tags on them and thought- what if we had pre cut hats and then made a game out of it. The measurement tags then became a guessing game for guests. The guests would then add the month, a slash and a day date. The Mom and Dad then kept all of the guesses and once the baby would be born, they would announce the winner!

Mad Hatter Games Cricut

I Must have Flowers Always

Greenery and florals are always a must. We simply took bundles of greenery, you can even just trim those hedges of yours, and added them down the table. After the greens were laid out by rotating all of the different types I then went back in and added white floral. This greenery on the table ties in beautifully with the foal point of the party.

DIY Table Runner

My favorite part of the party was seeing everyone overwhelmed with all of the details… and of course, eating this incredible peanut butter cake. Want to see it all? All the details and the process of this party can be found on!

Baby Shower Tea

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