Luke’s Hand Drawn Birthday!

Is anyone else just a huge cry baby with their kids keep getting bigger and growing older? When I ask this question to other moms, the answer is actually pretty mixed. There’s just something about knowing they’ll never be that young again. Gets me each year.

Momma’s Boy

Yep. I’m the one crying at every stupid award ceremony, graduation and most of all, the night before their birthdays. Luke, my oldest, is a huge weak spot for tears. First born, what can I say? When Luke first told me that he liked to draw I strongly encouraged it. He’s been great in baseball, soccer and education so I was not surprised when his drawings were good. Then, the drawings became better and more detailed and soon I was getting him is own, more mature, drawing supplies. This is kid can be found reading and drawing in all of his free time… got me thinking.

Hand Drawn Party Decor

I always ask my kids what theme they want for a birthday party and Luke responded with, “animals.” Well, that’s as vauge as it gets, so I asked him to draw up some animals and I would make the decor around those drawings to they could be the star of the show. Once he drew out his animals and we talked about the backdrops, we headed to Fedex Kinkos and blew up his drawings for under $5 each! We took them home, he colored in some and we cut them out and attached them to the backdrops. I’ll never forget this birthday party and I don’t think my boy will either. The guests were blown away by his art!

Close up of the sea turtle on the balloon reef.

Hand drawn turtle Hammerhead was on the backside of the reef and you can see the different textures I threw in so people would get the coral reef idea!

Balloon coral reefA rain storm came in so fast and the rest of the photos are really dark (because I am a professional and didn’t think to use my actual camera). This is the rain forest/jungle hybrid. Sloth and white tiger are just hanging out!

Forrest backdrop

Hand drawn decorationsDidn’t even think to move that cart of of the way! One of the entrances to the house was made into the arctic cave with a Puffin and wolf.

Artic Cave

artic drawingsComplete with paper coned stalactites and stalagmites!

paper stalactite

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