Insta Ready Space with The Home Depot

Remember when I went to the Haven Conference and entered into The Home Depot’s Orange Tank Competition and won my category? If not, here is a reminder because I went hoping for the best and left with an incredible partner.

Hopeful to Home Depot

The project I pitched was simple. Create an “insta ready” space that is both instagram worthy but also a place to get ready to interact/influence your audience. It does not matter if you want to wear make up or just moisturizer, this space is intended for you to be you. People are craving for less perfection and more authenticity. This insta ready space is a place that I wanted to create, for once, for me and I am so thankful that the panel chose me to make it a reality!

Insta Ready Transformation

This corner in my room (full before and after on The Home Depot Blog) is where I get ready and it used to be on the floor. When I was designing this space, I wanted it to be a place where I wanted to be but also went with our room. Lucky for us, our room had not even been a thought since we moved in two years ago. With an entire house full of projects, this was the last thing on our minds… until THD came into our lives.

Magic Mirror on the Wall

Loving the look of black iron, I quickly fell in love with this round metal mirror from The Home Depot. However, I wanted it to be able to move and then it came to me. What if I bought a television mount that had a full range of movement and attached the mirror to it? Thank God for a fantastic partner who said it was absolutely do able!

From sitting to standing, this mirror can follow me up, down, side to side and even pulls out for my close ups. The versatility in the wall mount is amazing and I think everyone will be doing it now. Such a simple and quick solution!

Instagram Worthy

From the wallpaper to the desk that I chose as my vanity (read even more about this idea on THD blog) and that accent mirror, this insta ready transformation is a place I want all over social media. Everything has a place and with tons of style!


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