I Love You “This Much” Card

Want to show that special Mom/parent in your life just how much you love them?! Using simple supplies and getting the kid’s involved is going to be just the thing with this DIY card.

Mother's Day Card Hand Print

Ain’t no river wide enough…

“Baby you know there ain’t no mountain high enough…” you get it! This card is SO sweet and so easy that you can make them for all of the Moms, Dads and grandparents for any occasion. You’ll need paper, scissors, glue and a marker (gems optional).

DIY mother's day supplies

Take a piece of paper of any kind, fold it in half, trace your hand and then cut it out (yep! Two at one time!). I’m all about saving some time.

DIY hand print card for mother's day

Sweet little hands that any parent or grandparent will love!

Mother's Day hand prints

Set the hands aside, and cut a strip of paper and proceed to fold the strip in an accordion style. You’ll want to make sure you have enough folds for “T H I S M U C H.”

DIY mother's day card for kids

Now that the hands are cut out- one will act as the front hand and the other will be the end of the card. Write the words, “This much” on the folded paper. Taking your glue (I LOVE this glue for paper crafts- no wrinkles!), glue the front hand to the accordion paper and the end of the same paper to the ending hand.

Kid's mother's day card

Hold into place for a few seconds and embellish as much as you want to! That’s it! Be sure to write “I love you,” on the front and we added the child’s name to the back as well as the year.

DIY Kid's Mother's day cards

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