How-To Unicorn Pumpkin

If you know anything about my middle child- you’ll know that she has always loved unicorns! At the age of three she asked us to call her Madison Cutie Unicorn. One day I was creating and she asked me if she could make something too. This is the magical Unicorn Pumpkin that she came up with…

Making Magic!

Having just received the Cricut Maker and wanted to use the rotary blade. We decided on craft foams from Michaels because they come in such beautiful colors.  With our white faux pumpkin in toe as well as our black glitter vinyl and we hurried back home to plan out the design.

Supplies: (all supplies can be found at Michaels)

White faux pumpkin
Craft Foam in muted bright colors
Gold glitter craft foam
Hot Glue gun/glue
The Cricut Maker
Rotary Blade
Cricut Glitter Vinyl

Print out the recipe at the bottom of this post to take with you!

Supplies from MichaelsI was trying to find a design that I would not have to hand cut that looked like hair. Kids, and adults, love to create something that can hold their attention spans. The answer? Mustaches! Yes! Mustaches! Cut in various sizes: cut a large mustache at 17 inches wide and 8.5 inches high. Medium mustache- cut out at 11 inches wide and 5.5 inches high. Smallest mustache-cut out 6.5 inches wide  and 3.5 inches high.

Cricut MustacheLook at this girl who is amazed with the cuts, I was too!

Kid creationsOnce your large mustaches are cut you may want to trim them by hand to create a snug fit onto your pumpkin. We found that cutting the larger mustaches in half helped with the initial look and hold.

Unicorn foamPlace a hot glue line down the pumpkin and attach your large mustache halves. Repeat with your remaining colors.Unicorn foamCut out all of your mustaches- large medium and small.

Rainbow MustachesTake your medium mustaches and and fold in half- place a dot of hot glue inside the fold and place onto your pumpkin in between the larger mustaches. Run glue along the spine of the mustache half and and hold in place until glue takes.

Mustache Rainbow

Mini Rainbow MustachesOnce all of your large and medium pieces are in place it’s time to start with those little ones! Repeat what you did with the medium cut outs and start at the pumpkin stem and continue down.Unicron HairTime for the horn! We used glitter sticky-back craft foam and used the corner as the point and rolled it onto itself. Using a line of hot glue to enure it stayed in place. We cut off the excess and attache it to our pumpkin. *You can choose to make yours smaller, Madison Cutie Unicorn insisted on this size.Unicron HornWe cut out these adorable eyelash eyes using Love the Day‘s free and downloadable file. Using your Cricut- cut out the eyelashes and then simply attach to the front of the pumpkin.Unicron EyelashesUnicron pumpkin is now complete and my girl felt so accomplished! It’s a magical time to spend together with your kids and we hope this will inspire you to create together.Unicron PumpkinUnicorn Pumpkins

After you create your Unicron Pumpkin- we’d love to see it! Be sure to tag us and #shareyourglitter






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