Home Depot Orange Tank Competition at Haven

Spoiler ALERT! I totally won my category at the Haven Conference that the Home Depot competition they call the Orange Tank. This is where Home Depot offered a friendly competition for attendees of the conference to pitch ideas in three categories; $500, $2500 and $5,000. Having been so completely and utterly overwhelmed, I went for the $500 range. After Home Depot picked the four finalists in each category, the person was notified and asked to prepare a live pitch in front of a panel of judges and every single person who attended the conference. So, I did what anyone would do…

Event Design Vs. Interior Design

When I did Top Chef Restaurant Wars and was in charge of all three of the restaurants layouts and designs, it was then that I realized that Event design really does overflow into interior design. This Home Depot opportunity came just in time for me to test the abilities to design living spaces. Lucky for us, we have an entire home that we are renovating piece by piece and taking you with us along the way. I rolled up my sleeves about 2 hours before the deadline for submissions and I decided that I would pitch to the $500 category and I was going to do it for myself.

The Concept to Pitch

My getting ready area is a disaster and is my first place I find myself each day. The Home Depot wanted us to use everything from their all new decor line and since there were so many options, I really was able to design in my own way without restrictions. First thing I decided was that if I was going on stage with over 400 people watching me- that it would be funny. Of course, I was the first presenter and I wore a bright pink towel on my head and wore a white robe. My prop consisted of a floor mirror that I had duct tapped market lights to the outside to look like a giant vanity mirror. I then opened up the conversation with Instagram reality vs. Real Life:

Mom Hustle

What an Influencer Actually IS

I didn’t really see myself as an influencer but it turns out- I am! I showed the below slides to share with each person in the room. What you do and say- you are pouring into at least one other person.

Instagram Influencer

The Design

I had a slide between these two that had Jimmy Fallon saying, “EW!” It was pretty good and made everyone laugh! Gong from the floor (left) to the mock up of the design using all $500 of the prize money, you can see the removable wall paper, the desk I chose and even some gorgeous decor accents. The wallpaper has gold bursts that are iridescent and pop against the navy. Obsessed.

Room Make OverAt the end, I asked someone to pull the plug on my light bulb vanity mirror and closed out with, “Oh, welp! My lights are out- I better run to the home depot!”


There was not a single bad pitch given. It was a gamble going into judging. The BEST part about it was that we all had something in common now and bonded over the Home Depot Orange Tank! From contestants (left) to the announced trophy winners (right) we all loved joining together to share our passions!

Home Depot Orange Tank 2019Hoe incredible are these trophies made by Jaime Costiglio @jaimecostiglio (on instagram)?! The detail on this award is simply amazing and I am honored to have one forever. The judging panel was a great group of people! Yes, that Is Holly and Brad from Our Faux Farm House @ourfauxfarmhouse (on instagram)!

Haven Conference Orange Tank 2019Thank you to Haven and the Home Depot for allowing us all to take part in showing our passions and the opportunities to partner with you in the future. I can’t wait to share my finished project and to influence others in the most postive and real way I can!



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