Hanging up the Holidays

Home Decor Christmas

Decorating for the holidays is always something we look forward to at this time of the year. With the Home Depot we are getting even more eager to jump into the holiday spirit. With so many decorating tools, the Home Depot has lots of options from Velcro and Command to choose from.

No Place like Home for the Holidays

There is nothing quite like the change of the seasons and making the holiday merry and bright in our own homes. This time of year comes alive through the Home Depot and their decorating solutions.  Hanging up décor doesn’t have to mean ruining the surfaces of your home and is always the concern. Worry no more! It’s time to bring some joy to your world with these tools to hand and easily remove when the holidays are over.

Damage free Hooks
Mini Hooks

The Command Mini Hooks can be used for all sorts of decorating solutions. When using extension cords, they can seem unsightly. Clean up your cords with Command and these subtle Mini Hooks, they come in white and clear.

Command Hooks
No Damage Hooks

By hanging lights of any kind, you can bring the season’s wonder into your very own home. The Command Smalll Wire Hooks are perfect to hold your lighting into place. These small but mighty hooks create the perfect swags to go back and forth to make a magical canopy.

DIY TV frame
East TV Frame

Your television doesn’t have to take center stage over your décor. The Command Picture Hanging Strips  are perfect for blending in with your décor instead of distracting from your focal points. Framing out the television makes the room have more of a formal and festive space.

DIY Christmas garland

The fireplace mantel is an iconic staple to the Holiday décor scene. Taking these red ornaments and creating a custom garland and mixing in this snowy faux garland create a grand focal point. The small brown paper packages wrapped in the red velvet ribbon were attached to the mantel using the Command Picture Hanging Strips. The faux garland was woven in with the ornaments and held into place with the Rope Light Clips.

Home Depot Christmas
DIY Christmas Decor

Our serving cart needed some extra attention as well, grabbing the Command Rope Light Clips, we attached another faux garland into place. With kids, animals and everyday wear, these Rope Light Clips were perfect to hold the garland into place. 

Christmas Drink Cart
Rope Light Clips

Rounding off our Holiday decor are these two faux snowy trees. These two trees are perfect to have opposite of the main tree to create balance. To keep these trees in balance and in place, we used the VELCRO®Brand ONE-WRAP® Rolls to attach the garland to the base of the faux trees.

Velcro Brand Wrap

Let’s hang up the holidays with the Home Depot and these decorating inspirations. Your holiday focal points will be a delight to set up with these easy to use and removable tools from Command and VELCRO® Brand Fatseners.

Home Depot Christmas Decor

All items are from the Home Depot: Flocked Tree, Icicle Lights, Medium Ornaments, Small Ornaments, Red Velvet Ribbon, Brown Paper Roll

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