Functional Letter Art

Hallway art

I went back and forth for with art in the hallway because it seems permanent. Wanting art and function with an emphases on the FUN. A trip to the garage to find some materials lead to an exciting project!

If you’re looking for a sign…

Letter board sign DIY

Imagine how excited I was when I found my marque letters in a drawer! I have always wanted to make a way to display my letters but felt they might be a bit too boring. I went to Home Depot to walk around and see what I would be inspired by. Found it!

Angled Iron

DIY letter board sign

Can you believe it? Angled iron is so pretty especially in zinc. I have wanted to use this for so long but could not find out how to use it. I used 1/8″ thick by 1″ tall and 36″ wide. We grabbed 5 and came home to drill holes in them.

Marque Letters

Letter board sign

These letters are from Amazon and can be found here. They are just over 8″ in height and were perfect for this bold look. The length of the iron allows for the length of 36″ of space for the letters. There is still space where the wood overlaps the iron and supports the letters.

Using the 10″ wood’s height it was perfect for the height of the just over 8″ letters. We drilled holes into the zinc using a drill bit that would allow the cap head screw to drill through the iron into the wood. The rest rests on the 1″x2″.

Finished Hallway

marque letter sign

Grabbed a plant from the garage and added some green into the space. Leaving space above and below the letters makes it all less busy. Having the iron not go to the top allows for the zinc to be artistic once the letters are removed. This end of the hallway piece can function with or without the letters beautifully.

Hallway Trim

DIY Video

If you want to see how be made those custom canvas frames in the hallway, be sure to check it out here!

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