Faux Concrete Planters

DIY Planter

Yep. I have become a crazy plant lady and I am pretty proud of it. This hobby can be expensive so finding affordable options for decorative planters is nearly impossible. Let’s gather three simple supplies to create planters that look like a million bucks but aren’t.

Faux fo Sho

The three supplies that are required to get this faux textured look of concrete are simple. You will need to find lamp shades that are the sizes and shapes you would like. Next, you will need joint compound and painters palette knives. Taking the joint compound you should play around with your amounts. Different knives will produce different movements. You can always scrap off whatever you don’t like. Just jump right into this project and don’t overthink it.

Lamp shade DIY
Joint compund DIY
DIY Planter

The great thing about after the joint compound dries you can sand down the rough spots, or keep them. Once the compound is dry you can remove the inside metal. Just a note, this is not a pliable surface. These joint compound planters are for looks. You could always seal them, paint them or even dip them in glitter to have them match your home decor. Be sure to tag me on Instagram or even send me your photos of your completed planters!

Textured planter
Faux concrete planter

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