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Cricut Fashion

No need to throw out those worn clothes! Give them fresh look with your Cricut and make custom stencils. Re-imagine what your jeans could look like with limitless designs and artistic ideas. Let your kids, or even your inner child, get creative and show their personality with Cricut. Schools are back in session and we are going to educate the fashion world!

Cricut Fashionista

Cricut fashion supplies

The Materials you are going to need for this project are your leftovers. Yep! Take all of those vinyl scraps you have and put them to good use by giving them a purpose. We are using the Cricut Maker, a Standard Grip mat, Weeding Tools, Transfer Tape and Vinyl. You can use fabric paint for your designs but we just grabbed some acrylic paint that works really well too. To transfer the paint onto the jeans we are using a dabbing technique with these wooden paint brushes.

Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space is absolutely full of great ideas to create your stencils. The best shapes are going to be on the simpler side so that the design can shine through. With all of these options it is so easy to find just the right design that makes you shine.

Cricut Maker

Load your vinyl on your mat and have your Cricut machine of choice and set to cut. Once the vinyl has completed your designs, use scissors to cut around the designs. Next, we are going to do a “reverse weed.” Typically when we are weeding out our vinyl design we would remove the negative space. When creating a stencil we are doing the opposite and removing the actual design. Once your design is out, you can use transfer tape to apply your design to your jeans or try and stick on the vinyl directly.

DIY Jeans
Custom stencil

Be sure to use transfer tape in your more intricate designs, this will allow for the design to maintain its structure. Cut your tape down to the vinyl and lay on top and smooth all over. Once the tape is smoothed out you can now peel the backing back and off of your stencil. Transfer your design over to your jeans and press into place. Remove the transfer tape by pulling the tape back and off.

DIY Cricut Stencil
Cricut Stencil

When painting on your designs, we recommend using smaller paint brushes. Take your time and be sure to get all of the edge of the vinyl. Once the paint is applied and fully dried, you can then remove the vinyl stencil. If you need to speed up the drying process, try using a hair dryer.

Fabric Stencil
Painted Jeans

We are all smiles with the outcome and truly enjoyed the process. Thanks for Cricut for allowing us to be creative and breathe new life into these old jeans.

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