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wedding paper flower backdrop

Are you ready for the DIY wedding of your dreams? There are two sides to emotions about your wedding day; 1. It’s ONE day and you should have the biggest/best wedding ever and no limits on cost 2. It’s ONE day with so much after this incredible 24 hours so let’s save as much as possible.

Le$$ is More

Make your own party decor

Let’s go with the the less is more option of number 2. Believe me, I used to plan and still design, extravagant weddings and they are amazing. Not everyone has the capability to do and so when you’re thinking of pulling out multiple credit cards to have the day of your dreams, stop. There is so much coming after and mounting bills won’t help your life together. Why not have it all? So let’s go big but not be poor when it’s all over.

Before we even begin, I show you how to make these giant paper flowers on under my class “Make Your Own Party Decor.” You can watch it completely free (and all of my other classes) right now!

Flowers that are larger than life!

Paper Flowers for wedding

Why spend hundreds/ thousands of dollars on flowers that will wilt in a few days. Believe me, I love flowers and bouquets and boutonnieres in fresh flowers but save some of your green on the focal points! These flowers are made from poster board and spray paint. The poster board’s weight is great for the size to hold up. Spray paint comes in all of the colors and it the perfect way to paint a large size quickly. For larger projects like this I would recommend buying poster board in bulk. This value pack from Michaels is a great option in this 50 pack. My go to for paper flower projects are these 10 packs from Target.

Wedding Paper flowers Cake

Joshua John Russel created this spectacular cake on his YouTube show called Man About Cake. On our show you can see the step by step on how he made and painted these flowers from rice paper. Love how the designs came together and this cake backdrop is about to become another part of the party.

Paper Flower Backdrop

That’s right! When the cake is cut and served you are left with an empty table. Simply remove the table and now that gorgeous paper flower backdrop is a photo backdrop for you and your guests!

DIY Food & Beverage

DIY Wedding

Joshua and I created this overflowing charcuterie board table NOT just for this beautiful shot but also to “set it and forget it.” No need to keep checking to see if it needs to be refilled!

Charcuterie Board

Here is a closer shot of the table and you can see how we concentrated on the meets and cheeses in the center. This was on purpose because these items should not get warm so a cold marble slab was placed in the center. You can rent these items!

Charcuterie Board Wedding

This angle of the table shows that we added height through rented props and containers. This adds visual eye candy which is great so you can drool with your mouth and eyes.

Drink Station

Another set and forget it moment is this drinking station. We went overboard with refreshments for the size of the guest list so that once they were filled we didn’t need to refill these rented containers. Side note: don’t you love how those lemon wedges are placed on the cups.

Paper Flower Stir Sticks

Let’s tie is all back together shall we? See these drink stir sticks? Those are paper flowers on the end of a wooden stir stick and topped off with a blackberry rolled around in edible gold powder. Um, yes please!

Dip Dyed Linens

Dip dyed linens

When on a budget but making it look like a million bucks, you want to pay attention to the details. These linens are from amazon and were perfect to dip dye. Take the ends of your linens lay them into a bucket of the watered down dye. Your linens will absorb the color and create an ombre effect you see here. For a rectangular table, use the 90″ X 156″ length here. For the cocktail table used as a “highboy” use a 120″ to have it go to the ground. If you want to singe the linen on the high boy around the pole to create a martini look, order the 132″.

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Wedding Cake with Paper Flowers

Joshua and I encourage you to enjoy the day, it goes by so fast and we plan and design events all of the time. Figure out what’s important and invest in those few items and figure out the best ways to save in other places. We love big and gorgeous events but we want to encourage your future together to be the best it can be. You can have it all… you CAN eat your cake and eat it too!

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