DIY Bookmark Parent Gift

This parent gift is perfect for the book lover in your family! All you need is a printed photo of your child, laminater, hole punch and yarn of your choice.

Funny mother's day gift idea

A Smile Every Time!

My favorite thing about these bookmarks is that they not only work great, but are bound to put a smile on your face at any time. First you will want to take a photo of your child, you can use your phone or camera. Load it into your computer (I used word), crop it down and then print. Remember a bookmark should be a good length.

Mother's day gift bookmark

Have more than one kid or need to make multiples? Just load them onto the same word document. Then hit print!

Funny parent gift

Once printed, cut out as close as you can to their figure.

Funny mother's day gift

Next up is lamination! Put your cut outs into the lamination pouches and send through your machine. I used these pouches and this machine.

DIY kid's bookmark

Just as before, you are going to want to cut out the kids (sounds funny) but this time, don’t cut so close the the figures. Leave enough room to use a hole puncher for the yarn.

DIY bookmark

Select any color yarn and cut it to your desired length. Pull the yarn through the hole you made with your punch and simply knot it! That’s it! You’re done!

Kid's bookmark

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