Custom Mom Letters

This Mother’s day gift is perfection for a Mom’s office or home decor. You wont believe how card board, scissors, hot glue and leftover faux flowers will all come together for a perfect one of a kind gift!

Supplies for Mother's day gift

The size is completely up to you! I cut off the flaps that open and shut the box to create this MOM project. I free handed this project but it that makes you nervous, be sure to pencil out your letters.

Custom Mother's Day gift idea

The sides are sized up to the edges of the letters and cut down. When the size looks good, add your hot glue to the base of the card board and hold into place on the letter. Repeat for each side.

DIY Mother's Day gift

This step is completely optional, you can choose to spray paint the letters in any color. We chose to paint the letters in gold.

Card board Mother's Day gift

Taking some out dated blooms or extra faux flowers, fill the letters with flowers and greens. I started with the greens to create a lush base and then added in the flowers.

Custom Mother's Day gift

How sweet is this gift? Perfect for shelving in your home or office. Can customize in paint colors and even what you will the letters with!

Mother's Day gift office

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