Cricut Star Wars Designs

Cricut releases Star Wars designs in their Design Space and we are thrilled! This is a game changer for all of those super fans out there. Now, you can iron on, cut, print anything your heart desires using your Cricut for Star Wars. New designs are going to released in the future to add to the introductory images. Picking one character was hard, but ultimately, we had to bow to the Princess.

Got Buns?

There is nothing as iconic as Princess Leia who is known for her hair style as well as being one boss lady! This girl risked her life for the rebel cause seeking hope for the entire galaxy… with the help of Obi Wan Kenobi. Leia is a survivor, a leader and the perfect role model for any little girl out there. Trusting she has a funny bone in her body, she did fall for Han Solo after all, we give tribute to the Princess with our first Cricut Star Wars design.

Cricut Royalty

Don’t want none unless you got buns hun! Sir Mix Alot has got nothing on this royal. Princess Leia’s buns are legendary! When we first found the Leia design, the immediate response was that her buns needed to be highlighted. In true AGAHG cheeky fun, pairing the notorious rap song with this gem was perfection. Want all of the buns, hun? Click here for the design and make it your very own!

What you need:

Circuit Maker

Cricut EasyPress

Iron On


Star Wars LeiaPrincess LeiaCricut Star Wars

May the force be with you… and your buns.

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