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Cricut Mug Press is here and is a new way to create DIY and personalized mugs that last a lifetime! Cricut makes it easy to make custom, quality mugs in minutes. It is equipped with one-touch settings, just-right temperate control, and auto-off feature for peace of mind. Let’s check out this innovation machine and make one together! This post is #sponsored and I feel so lucky to be part of this release!

Press it Real Good

Cricut Mug Press

The Cricut Mug Press is not only extremely functional but also insanely cute! Other than how attractive this press is, this machine was made with the busy crafters in mind. No time, temperature, or pressure adjustments to make – secure your mug in the press, and the machine
does the rest.

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Mug Blanks and Bulk: 12 Oz 2 pack Mug Blank, 12 Oz 6 pack Mug Blanks, 12 Oz 36 pack Mug Blanks, 15 Oz 2 pack Mug Blanks, 15 Oz 6 pack Mug Blanks, 15 Oz 36 pack Mug Blanks, 15 Oz White/Gray single pack Mug Blank

Infusible Ink and tape: Mug Transfer Pattern Sheets, Mug Transfer Sheets, Pens, Markers, Heat Transfer tape

Compatible Machines: Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore 2, Cricut Joy

Cricut Mug Gifts

You can make any kind of design using images, artwork and graphics! Perfect for any occasion as anyone, think about birthdays, teacher gifts, baby showers, bridal showers, Holiday gifts or even just because!

Cricut Mugs

Let’s Press it Together

Cricut Joy

I’m a sucker for sassy mugs so let’s make one together! The Cricut team has made it possible to use infusible ink transfer sheets with your Cricut Maker, Cricut explore line and even your Cricut Joy. We are going to make this mug using the Cricut Joy, the reason being is that Cricut has made infusible ink joy ready! Again, you can use any of the above machines and one is required to register the Mug Press with Design Space.

Using Design Space, I was able to find an image with a side part as well as skinny jeans. I used the fonts; “close to my heart,” “Beefcakes,” as well as artwork “Female Hair Bangs, “Ankle Skinny Jeans.” When the cutting is complete, remove the infusible ink and weed out the negative space.

Custom Mugs
DIY Mugs
Infusibile ink

Cricut Mugs

When you are ready to apply the transfer to your mug, be sure to clean the surface extremely well. The lint brush is a great way to make sure any debris is removed. Another great thing about Cricut is that when the machine cuts your transfer sheet, it will cut a single layer around the sheet but cut a double layer through the sheet so that you can easily wrap the sticky part under the handle.

The press is a one touch application process, you will turn on the machine through one power on button and wait until you hear a beep to tell you that the press is ready. Once the machine is ready you will then drop the mug into the opening and press down the paddle which will then squeeze around the mug itself. There are five little above the power button that will light up one at a time eventually letting you know with a beep that the mug is ready. Lift the mug out of the press, touching only the handle, and set onto a Cricut Press Mat to cool. The cooling process takes only 20-30 minutes. Once cool, reveal your design by removing the outer layer.

Custom mug design
Cricut Mug Press machine
Infusible ink press

Can you believe it? Look at these results, professional and completely custom. The Cricut Mug Press is a gift giving game changer and you have got to get in on this hot commodity!

Side Part and Skinny Jeans

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