Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon

There are some events that are just once-in-a-lifetime kind of deals. The Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon was nothing short of a dream come true, it was truly more than anything I could have ever of imagined! Being an influencer/blogger for Cricut is new to me and how I become an influencer is nothing but kismet. The timing for this partnership between A Girl and Her Glitter with Cricut really proves that I am where I was made to be.  Not long after I became apart of the blogger team- they announced the Mountain Make-A-Thon in Salt Lake City Utah and I JUMPED at the chance!

Bags all packed!

So here I was- a new blogger- with my bags packed and my smile as wide as it could be. A much needed break from a full summer with all three of my kids and heading off to do nothing but what I love… crafting and socializing! I had never been to Salt Lake City Utah and could have burst into tears at the beauty that I saw at the airport. You have to understand- I live in Florida- we are more than just sea level… we are below sea level. To see mountains and feel the dry heat as the sun kissed my face as I walked outside- I was the happiest person at the entire airport. Cricut set us up at the 5 start hotel of The Grand American. HIGHLY recommend this hotel. My room had a full view of those beautiful mountains and I could have fit my entire family in that room with room to spare.

Cricut goes above and beyond!

We were not told much in what to expect- the Cricut team was very good at keeping any and all secrets from us. We knew that something was going to happen but nobody knew what. I was jsut happy to be there and learn everything I could about Cricut. Here was our schedule:

DAY ONE: Monday, July 31st 2017

6:00pm – Registration

7:00pm – Opening Reception

DAY TWO: Tuesday, August 1st 2017

9:00am – General Sessions

1:00pm – Influencer Sessions

6:00pm – Open Maker Spaces

DAY THREE: Wednesday, August 2nd 2017

9:00am – Learning Sessions

12:00pm – Closing General Session

From the moment we arrived we started crafting by creating our very own name tag which were acrylic hexagons and our names pre-cut in vinyl! Below are just SOME of the highlights to this ONCE in a lifetime event (when I remembered my camera!):

Below are close ups of gorgeous- over-sized shadow boxes that were in banquet hall where we would gather for breakfast/lunch and dinner. These boxes were one of a kind and were to spark our imagination on what the “big announcement” was going to be.

Nursery Room Box #1 with various thickness cut fabricsBrightPad Bridal Box #2 with cut crepe papers and fabric flowers

Different textiles Box #3

Fashion Box #4 featured with wood/ very thick papers and iron on materials

Party time! Box #5 Pinata boxes with cut crepe/ coasters, and vinyl

The BIG reveal and the super minds behind the Cricut Maker machine. This revolutionary tool is going to change the inventive mind and  enable everyone to be able to become a “maker” themselves.

The Cricut Maker cuts over 200 kinds of fabrics. Walls were built in the reveal room where we would be the first people to lay eyes on the maker.

Cocktail tables were scattered around the room where a maker was presented on each table to show different features of the Cricut Maker.

The amount of design that went into the newest machine was breath taking. NOTHING went unnoticed in the design. Take a look at the diamond patterned design on the lid!

The flat and gloss contrast with the high gloss white is such a stunner. The new cup compartment on the machine has one shallow- for holding blades/ as well as a deeper one for Cricut tools. Both have a silicone bottom so that the blades and tools will not dull. Nothing was overlooked!

The GEAR was presented and could change how the machine cuts… LOOK how beautiful that gold gear is! The gear allows for the Cricut Maker to cut more materials and more accurately.

The gear blades are the rotary blade and the knife blade. The Maker is compatible with the blades from The Cricut Air series as well.

Craft all night! Cricut set up a craft night from 8pm until 12am with the actual Cricut Maker machines! Stations were set for us in an entire ballroom space where Cricut Easy Presses were out as well as the BrightPads and sewing machines. Materials were generously provided and full projects were presented for us! I think I pinched myself a few times to make sure it was all real.

Our Facebook Live was the first time I had ever done a presentation and project for the company. Look at this amazing set up with the Circut Maker, BrightPad and the EasyPress.

After the FB live I was able to let loose and even have a little laugh! #Craftroom goals are real in this space!

I will forever be grateful to Cricut for this experience and treasure this trip for all time. I am the luckiest girl!

You can purchase your Cricut machines here:

The Cricut Maker



Check out our Facebook live on Youtube!







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