Cricut Cinco De Meow

DIY Cat Party

Cinco De Mayo is such a fun celebration and it’s no wonder than we have all decided to join in on the fun. We are going to celebrate in style using just the Cricut Joy. Showing you how you can cut so many surfaces with just one small, but mighty, machine. Our cat, Steve Taco, happens to have a 5th of May birthday so let’s bring out the Cricut Joy and make the most amazing Cinco De Meow birthday ever! This is a Cricut sponsored post and probably out favorite to date!

Uno on Cinco

Cricut Joy

Cricut released this machine called the Joy and it completely lives up to it’s name. This project includes a fun banner, DIY mini table runner, custom birthday hat and a taco stand for our cat to sit in. The materials needed are the Cricut Joy, Joy mats (I used both standard and light grip), Acetate, Cardstock and Sparkle Paper. Using design space through my mobile device was so easy and I was able to search for “Cinco De Mayo” and the pinatas as well as the sombrero showed up.

Cinco De Mayo Cricut

Feline Good

DIY Pinata

The versatility of being able to get notifications on your mobile device allowed me to make even more for this set up. While the Cricut Joy was cutting our banner and cake topper I was able to upcycle an old cardboard box and make a faux pinata and even add on some sparkle “tomatoes.” What I love most about Cricut DesignSpace is that if I have an idea, the design is available or you can simply create it.

Mini details are essential in a mini shoot. The smallest element is going to create the largest impact. Details like a traditional table runner with layers of brightly colored paper was essential to the backdrop. Using an old wooden box as a table, I cut different widths of paper with the Joy to make an adorable “table” covering. Using a tape runner as well as a glue gun allowed all of these projects to come together.

Cricut Craft
Cricut Joy Craft
Sparkle Paper
DIY Taco Tuesday
DIY First Birthday
DIY Fiesta

You Cat to be Kitten Me!


I never thought we would be the people who took photos of our cat for his first birthday. Cricut made it a Joy to make our cat dreams come true and the kids loved helping this shoot come to life. From the party hat to the mini photo booth props, this party is over the top and perfect for Cinco De Mayo! Especially in the everyday, we can lose sight of making each day just a little bit more joyful. If you are looking for a Cricut Machine to fit your crafting style, the Cricut Joy is a fantastic option to consider. Enjoy this Cat’s first birthday party and all his excitement!

DIY Cindo De Mayo
Birthday Banner
Cat Birthday
Cat first Birthday
DIY Photo booth props
Cricut Cinco De Mayo Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Steve Taco who turned one on Cinco De Mayo!

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