Create a Date Night In

DIY Date Night

Making time for your partner is so important, but where do you squeeze it in? With work, chores, kids and all the things, making time to slow down seems impossible. Date night doesn’t have to elaborate, this time together should be more about time spent with each other. Taking my Cricut, minimal materials and some imagination we are going to create the ultimate date night right at home! #ad

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Date Night Joy

Cricut Joy Iron On

Using my Cricut Joy, Cricut Joy Mat, Smart Iron On, Black Vinyl, Transfer Tape and my EasyPress we are going to make the sweetest details. I’ll also be using plain socks, a cotton blanker, brown paper bags and some left over boxes to up cycle for a DIY consession stand. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make some magic.

Stuck on You

Circut EasyPress socks

Not really planning on a theme, I just knew I wanted to be playful with my husband of 13 years so I decided to do a fun “His & Hers” details. Starting with the socks, one set was His and the other was Hers. Since we are sharing the blanket I decide that it should be His and Hers. This patterned Smart Iron On was made for the Cricut Joy and was already the perfect size. After cutting and weeding the Iron On I used the Cricut Heat Guide to make sure the EasyPress would have the best results possible.

Cricut EasyPress
Custom Socks

Using the Cricut Joy I then went to use the permanent vinyl in black to go with my date night idea. Wanting to make a mini concession stand I planned on boxed candy, popcorn and our favorite soda. Taking two mini side tables I was able to put adhere the cut labels directly to the surface and place the goodies behind them. For the popcorn bags, transferred the vinyl directly onto the paper bags.

Cricut Joy cutting machine
Snack Bar
Cricut Joy Craft
Date night snacks

Time Well Spent

Date night ideas

YES! It IS so important to create the time together. With all the chaos of everyday life, we can start to settle into a routine. We connected our Cinemood, gathered our favorite mugs (also made with our Cricut Mug Press), snacks and cuddled up for a cozy night in.

Blanket Gift
Consessions Craft

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