Cinemood Brings Magic

When Rad + Happy (she’s amazing by the way) posted about Cinemood I knew it was such an incredible idea. Cinemood brings magic into any place that it is set up with it’s movie theater capabilities.

Portable Movie Magic

Cinemood projector

Seeing this portable movie theater bring so much joy by all the people who are using it. Cinemood can go ANYWHERE so making a fort the coolest of all time is easy. Gather the kids and watch a movie on the ceiling of their room or even take it on the go on a road trip! Check out everything Cinemood on their Instagram and get even more ideas to bring the magic to your life.

Hospice care

When I was sitting with my grandmother I knew that the Cinemood would be perfect for her. Bachan (what we call her) is in her bed a majority of the time. Being able to project the nature program of her choice was so easy on her and her body. I don’t usually get too personal on this here but Bachan was told she had 6 months to live THREE years ago. She’s a fighter, she loves being out but it as these last few weeks have shown, her mobility is very limited.

Cinemood portable projector

Although small, this portable movie theater is mighty. I was able to sign in and save my Netflix, Disney+ and Prime (along with all kinds of others). With all of its internal memory no wires are needed. She now has full access to anything she may want to watch. When the great grand kids are over though, they are happy to pick something for her.

Creating the Experience

Her room was bare before and Bachan used to paint red poppies, I figured with my love for paper flowers this could be something we could add to her space. I set a plan, gathered all of the supplies and grabbed my Cinemood.

Paper Flower decorations

The flowers, the lights, she loved it all but she really was overwhelmed with the sites and sounds coming from her very own Cinemood. I created a video for YouTube and you can hear her reaction, warning though… grab the tissues!

Portable Projector

Our family cannot thank Cinemood enough for the movies and music that brought so much joy to my grandmother. Even when she is in and out of consciousnesses she enjoys the sounds that comfort her. Thank you so much.

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