Right now, home is the most important place to be and Article made it easy to have a beautiful and modern dinning space. From the contactless delivery to the easy assembly, this walnut Seno Dinning table is making all of our design dreams come true.

Love at First Sight

Contactless Delivery

The moment this very well (and giant) package was delivered, we actually decided to NOT remove the table from the box. I wanted the kids to be part of the unveiling. This is the first dinning table that we have had brand new and this beauty needs to be celebrated.

Table assembly

This table is nothing short of absolute spectacular design both cosmetically and engineering. Constructed from solid wood the walnut is is the perfect tones for our home. We love to host all different types of celebrations and everything always ends up at the table. The food, conversation and time spent together always comes back to the table… and what a table it is!

Article dinning table

Home for the Holidays

Nothing is like being at home, especially during the holidays! This year we have decided to design our celebration in a minimal way. We are loving clean lines and this Seno table from Article was perfection. Getting all of the mid century modern vibes that we wanted for our home. We are looking forward to the coming holidays with our family with this table as our centerpiece.

Article walnut table

Seno Walnut table

Christmas table setting

Mid Century Modern table

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