Powdered 4th of July

It’s not hoarding craft supplies if you will eventually up cycle to a new craft… right? In my opinion, whatever you create (and if you can store it), you should keep it. Looking at a previous project and imaging something new is such a fun challenge!

Hoarding = Up Cycling Potential

You may recognize these sea urchins creations I did for Luke’s birthday party which were in the balloon “coral” reef. If now, you can see them here with his hand drawn turtle. When I was making these with skewers and styrofoam balls, I totally saw them as fireworks. Simple use skewers and insert into the styrofoam and repeat until you like how it looks. Trim the skewers to different length to create larger and smaller shapes.  This super quick project was easy and delicious! Love these kids of ours that are up for these “fake parties” as they call them.

Crafting IS Learning

The kids were overly excited about the fireworks and when I came up with the “Party like it’s 1776” theme, I started to wonder what it was like way back when. I googled “powdered wigs, why?!” Oh my word. The kids and I went down a rabbit hole of History and strange facts. I HIGHLY recommend looking into this topic. With the powered wigs/hair in mind, I started to think about anything else that was powdered… and well, donuts. Done! Scroll down to see all of the 1776 last minute 4th of July backdrop and all of the powder fun!

Sea UrchinThe sea urchins were ombre painted using yellow and salmon spray paint.DIY FireworksBy adding a skewer to the base of the styrofoam I was able to them use red, white and blue spray paint to create different combination “fireworks.”Glue on walls trickIf you don’t want to damage you walls with applying hot glue directly onto them, here is a super quick trick! Take your painters tape, apply to the wall, add your hot glue and then press your creation onto the glue on the tape. Simply remove for easy clean up that doesn’t damage your walls!

4th of July backdropThe vinyl was cut using my Cricut Maker and the font it Cricut’s “Be Free.” Seemed like a fitting font title and I loved it! The white color on the vinyl was added using spray paint.

Cotton ball wigsLola (on the left) didn’t want to be part of this shoot in any capacity… until those donuts came out. Luke (right) slapped on his failed cotton ball wig and it was perfect. In the middle you have Madison in all her real hair glory that we had a great time covering in baby powder!

4th of July PartyThings started to get a little crazy.

4th of July FireworksThese adorable lawn rockets were at Michaels and I just adored them, grabbed them (paid for them) and tapped to the wall for a sweet little extra!

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