12 Doors of Christmas

*This is a sponsored post with Schlage

More than ever before we are spending more and more time at home. This is most likely allowing us to have a newfound appreciation for our homes. This Holiday season is no exception and we are sprucing up our garage entrance with Schlage!

One of the Chosen

Door Makeover

What an incredible honor to be asked to be one of the 12 for the 12 doors of Christmas from Schlage! We have been eying the Encoder for months now and now we have it! The garage entrance is used by so many. My garage space is my office/studio so this will now allow people to come and go with a simple code. I was completely inspired by the Encoder itself. So sleek and modern. This door needed a huge makeover.


Update door

You can see the door is your typical exterior metal door with out dated molding. First thing was first though and that door frame needed to be beefed up. I first built up the frame with 1″X2″s on the existing frame. I then took smooth pvc 1″X4″s and screwed them into place. I filled the screw holes and then painted them. The best way to update this door was to add a bold color. I found the perfect “limousine black” by Behr at the Home Depot.

Next was the top trim and the bottom step. I wanted these to match and you can see below the before and after. I took weather treated wood and ripped them down to size and stained with “Flagstone.” What a difference the top and bottom trim make. The step was built upon the concrete and held into place with liquid nails then nailed into the sides of the trim. The top was also built around the pvc trim and then nailed into place.

Lastly, the plated wood on the door. I took a piece of ply wood and 1″x2″s that were cedar and glued/nailed them onto the board. I then stained them the same Flagstone. The black pieces were added for texture and dimension.

Door Make over

The BIG Reveal

Door Design

Christmas Door

How amazing did this turn out?! We are in love with this refresh. For the 12 Doors of Christmas I had to add a Christmas element and we are going for a completely neutral look this year. These dried palms were perfection and these hanging lights topped it off.

The Schlage Enocder deserves the biggest round of applause for setting this makeover off with it’s sleek design and ease of use! We are loving the modern look but more importantly the simplicity when it comes to entering and exiting my studio space with just the tap of a code!

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