Vinyl Drink Labels

Customizing anything is a great way to personalize your event. After we designed the Fiji Shoot and placed these customized vinyl drink labels to spruce up the juice, champagne or mimosa bar.

How to create Vinyl Drink Labels

Pick the glass container of your choice. What you want to look for in a container is a smooth and flat surface. We found these containers at Target. Keeping the colors in mind for this stylized shoot, we choose juice that would be cohesive and pop off the wood bar back. With the juice being an ombre effect, the vinyl choice needs to be solid and light. Going with white allows for the wording to pop off the glass.

Your supplies:

Cricut Maker

White Cricut Vinyl

Cricut transfer tape

Target Glass Containers

Cricut Brightpad


Personalized vinyl labels

Design Space Vinyl LabelsStart in your Cricut Design Space and choose your wording for your containers. We used Madina Clean font and picked descriptions that would make the shoot bit more fun.

Cricut BrightPadWeeding vinyl is a little tough on white, we used our Cricut BrightPad to assist.

Cricut BrightPad onThe Cricut BrightPad will show you where to take off the excess vinyl aka where you need to weed.

Cricut Transfer tapeCover your vinyl (after you have weeded out the negative space) and place your transfer tape on top. Cut down your transfer tape prior to laying it on top of your vinyl drink label to save on wasted transfer. Place face down and then remove vinyl backing.

Cricut Vinyl label Take your entire transfer tape/vinyl drink label and place onto the glass container. Smooth down every area with your fingers and scraper tool if you can (surface might be too curved).

Juice Bar Vinyl labels Fill with your contents and enjoy! Everyone loves a splash of humor and personalized fun!

Remember to #sharyourglitter with the vinyl drink labels you create. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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    Fiji Inspiration Stylized Shoot - A Girl and Her Glitter
    April 3, 2018 at 2:25 am

    […] The vinyl cut labels for the champagne/juice bar were cut with Cricut and the ombre juices really pop off the wood. For step by step instructions, you can find them here. […]

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