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It’s fascinating to me how many messages and DMs I get asking about what I am wearing, how I did my hair etc. All of this happens while I am trying to showcase my “glitter” which is making things and showing you how to do it. You know what? Let’s do it!

Those awkward (20) years

Truth time. Growing up my hair was a mess, my teeth were crazy and I didn’t know how to embrace my super twig like body that looked like it could break at anytime. I never really cared for my freckles and my brows looked like two giant caterpillars fighting for space on my forehead. I taught myself hair and make up through trial and error, YouTube did not exist and tweezed my own eyebrows (may they rest in peace). I learned to love my freckles and how to feel comfortable in my own skin. The great news is that I never cared of what people thought of me so I was always my own person. Of course too, I was lucky enough to have Jesus so I never felt like an outsider. Quality is terrible because this was forever ago, here is some proof on those years:

Early life

My Private Life < Crafting Life

Hey, I didn’t choose the crafting life, it chose me. I have always worked with my hands and find a deep satisfaction in making things. I also love to play with my hair, make up and clothes but always one a budget. These things are fun, but we have to feed our kids. I never thought of combining my personal life and my crafting life on my blog. Since listening to Mimi G’s podcast called “Business Shet” I did her test of posting for 15 days straight of different content to see what followers life. Apparently… it’s me! Some creating aspects mixed in with some fashion and beauty aspects. Well okay then! I am actually super excited share all my worlds with you!

Below is the end result of two crafting blog posts and this hybrid post of where I introduce some advice on what I use for my hair and clothes. The unicorn valentine’s day box and be viewed here and the Fortnite box here.

Valentine's Day boxes

The Deets

Hair is colored by the AMAZING Marissa Tharp from Lueur Hair Boutique in Winter Park Florida. You can find all of her magic over on instagram @foreverthesickesthair

Hair supplies at home; Root plumper (a must!!!!)  Shampoo & Conditioner, Blow Dry oil & Shine Spray and hair spray

Hair Dryer and current Curling Iron are constantly changing so that I can recommend the best ones! For my iron- I am using the 1 & 1/4″ barrel of the Pro Tool. It’s currently my go to.

Clothes: Similar Bodysuit, High Waisted Pants

Awkward elbows and super white skin- all come natural.

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