Sugarfina Escort Card Display

If you know anything about me, Kristen Johnson, the creator of A Girl and Her Glitter you know that I don’t just have a lone sweet “tooth”, rather a whole mouth full of them!  I am a sucker for tantalizing sweets, shimmering sugars and anything dipped in chocolate.  This polished box of Sugarfina sweets was sent to me by a friend as a thank-you gift and I immediately identified with everything from the package, the wrapping, to, of course, the sugar!  Therefore, A Girl and Her Glitter had to take them to the next level by creating a Sugarfina escort card display.

Sugar Cubed Perfection

When we first saw the perfectly packaged Sugarfina treats, the acrylic boxes were sheer perfection and I simply had to make them the center of attention. The sweet magical treats within these 2 inch boxes were full of vibrant colors, amazing textures and any shape you could imagine. Immediately the vision of escort cards came into play. The results are magical. Here are our insider tips and How-To directions, to make your very own confection perfection that will tempt everyone’s sweet tooth.


Magnet board (or any kind of magnetic surface)


Hot Glue/Glue Gun

Vinyl (one for the names on the boxes and another for the magnetic board)

Cricut Maker

Transfer Tape (Cricut)

Vinyl (Cricut holographic)

Sugarfina 2″ cubes

SugarfinaWhen choosing your colorful candies online or in store, be sure to take in account your color scheme; we chose to do a bold and bright mix. We also made sure that we had equal numbers of each box so that the board would look balanced.

Once you have made your selection, lay them out to see what appeals to your eye.

Cricut MakerCricut makes an amazing line of holographic vinyl and this one was perfect because it was able to stand out from the variations of colors and textures contained in the boxes. Use your Cricut Maker to create and cut your escort cards. Be sure to measure before you cut to ensure the fit onto your boxes.

Cricut Escort CardsWeed out all of your excess vinyl and use your transfer tape to transfer the names.

Sugarfina escort boxesPrepare your Sugarfina box by removing the front label. We trimmed back the seal to the top of the box to have a clear surface. Line up the grid on your transfer tape and apply it to your acrylic box.

Sugarfina boxAdd your magnet to the back of the box by using hot glue.Remove your transfer tape to reveal the name of your guest and then press your magnet down into the hot glue until cooled.

Escort DisplayAs you start to lay out your boxes onto your surface, consider adding on vinyl shapes to give dimension.

Sugarfina BoxCreate a clever title which doubles as instructions for your guests, and add a punch of fun with balloons and greenery!

Sugarfina Escort Card DisplayThe party is set and your guests can find their seats in such vivid sugary decadence.

We would love to see how we inspired your sweet tooth (or teeth) with Sugarfina, so share your creations at #shareyourglitter

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