Styling Shelves

Shelf Styling

Ugh! It can be so frustrating to decorate your home, especially when you don’t know what to do with a certain space. That blank wall, that open entry and the list can go on and on. Don’t worry! I have some ideas for you to conquer that great wall of boring and have you living in the place you love.

Get your Style on your Shelves

The secret to getting a great style in your home and on your shelves is… you! You don’t need to go and spend a ton of money to reflect who you are, this you home to fill anyway you want. Each home is unique and it should be! I know for us, this blank space went on the back burner for a long time. It was due to a lack of inspiration, and maybe that’s where you are at right now. Here are the tools that I used to finally make this spot in our home a show stopper.

You’ll first need to identify what you want to use the space for. For us, this was our open concept entry way. Wanting to section this space off wasn’t as easy as you would imagine. No walls to separate or anything like that so by painting a large square in the same colors as our trim created a visual divide. What this painted square does is bring you eye to the darker tone. Keeping the birch as light as possible keeps the dimension as well as adding in darker wood tones that are already throughout the space. Green means life to me so adding in some fresh plants was a must.

Second, you’ll want to figure out your space with it’s intended function. Since this is my entryway, I need to be able to throw keys down, have my purse sit somewhere etc. I also wanted this space to be a sitting area for when conversations break off, this is where they would continue.

Last, you don’t want to just decorate with just anything. You want your space to reflect you. Things YOU like, and not just things you think you should like. For decorating and styling these shelves, I did a combination of a few things. I bought new things that I liked, I pulled out meaning things as well as shopped my very own home for some pieces that I thought would be better suited on these massive floating shelves.

I hope that this post helps you figure out your next steps in your home and how to take a moment to enjoy it all. Below each photo I have commented on the decorating items in the photo and if available, I linked them which most are affiliate links. A lot of the links are comparable items and not the exact ones. I so appreciate you want want to see what you come up with!

How to style shelves

Above: Shelves were made with 1/2″ Birch Plywood and the studs inside are the 2″x3″x8″ studs. The plants are all real and I do not have links for them.

Entryway shelves

Personal Items; Top Shelf: The stained glass kaleidoscope Middle: Framed map of our family island (husbands side) and all the greenery

Bought Items: Glass vases, “Be Still and Know” sign, Black Metal candle holder, Black Lantern, Decorative wooden beads, “I Love You” hand sign, Wooden Candle Sticks, and fabric flag of the periodic table. White planter and the Marquee light up letter.

Thrifted Items: Gold Metal Lamp, Leather Chairs and Books

Decorating your home

DecoCrated Items: I was asked to partner with DecoCrated and I am so glad I did! This is a home decor subscription box and was the perfect finishing touch. I was able to use the Wooden Bee, Wooden Window, the Pillow and that metal and leather Clock. Each quarter there is a box professionally curated and sent directly to your door. Find out more here. Use my code: AGIRLANDHERGLITTER15

DIY Shelves

Want to see the the before and how to build these shelves? More info here.

DIY floating shelves

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