St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth with Cricut

This St. Patrick’s Day is FULL of color and imagination with this interactive photo booth thanks to the Cricut Maker! We’re talking all Cricut fun from shimmer, sparkle and pearl paper all the way to felt all using one machine. The Cricut Maker is an essential part to throwing the best part you can and with the versatile tool you can interchange like the rotary blade to the fine blade you can tackle any textile.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Kiss Me I’m Irish

We all sport the green on St. Patrick’s Day (my kids say that if you don’t you get pinched!) whether we are Irish or not! While thinking of what I wanted to create with Cricut, I thought about the typical leprechaun, rainbow, four leaf clover and pot of gold… I decided I wanted to do them all. In typical over0the-top fashion I wanted to also use as many Cricut textiles too. I am in love with the Cricut Maker and consider it an additional hand when I create anything. Below, I’ll show you just how versatile this machine is and take you beyond a flat background to an interactive and fun photo booth that leads to my pot of gold at the end.

Going for the Gold

For this project you can pick any of the Cricut supplies to create this backdrop and do not need to follow exactly what I used. Hoping to inspire you to create beyond what you think you could!

The core supplies you will need: Cricut Maker, Rotary, Deep and Fine Blades, Vinyl, Mats and any rainbow colored materials your heart desires. You’ll also want the amazing self healing mat with the control knife as well. Detailed instructions are below with photos to help visualize and create this magical backdrop.

Cricut MakerIn the Cricut Design Space you can make your very own clover pattern by selecting the heart shape (left image) twice (middle image) and placing them toward each other (right image) to weld them to one another. Make a duplicate and send to cut! You can also click here to my pre made one with different sizes to create visual interest and texture.

Cricut DesignSpaceYour Cricut Maker has Bluetooth capabilities so creating on the go is easier than ever. I love that if I made my crafting area too messy to think I can just move my machine without my computer and make another place in my house messy! Below I used my phone and it was so simple and quick.

Cricut BluetoothOnce your clover design has been cut you can then take an adhesive, I used hot glue, and place one on top of the other. Once they are glued together to create the four leaf clover shape you can add glue to the back side and attach to your backdrop. Please note that you can make a four leaf clover image or even find one in DesignSpace, I purposefully created two separate pieces so that the material would have more of a 3d effect.Four Leaf CloverFrom left to right (all Cricut materials); Red Shimmer Paper, Orange Felt, Yellow Pearl Paper, Green Checkered Vinyl, Blue Sparkle Paper and Purple Party Foil.Cricut materialsTaking a canvas, I took strips of vinyl to create the base as a rainbow and then added the like colors in the clovers on top. To make it more visually fun, I started to have the different clover colors “bleed” (meaning to flow into) the other colors. This canvas then went on the wall.Cricut VinylTaking a large sheet of thin plastic I then drew out a large clover with a marker and using my Cricut Control Knife with the self healing mat underneath and  I cut out the clover to use the negative space.  This use means that the piece I cut out was then tossed and I used the what remained from the cut. See further below to see idea come to life. Don’t have access to large sheets of plastic? Use foam core, cardboard box or even poster board to complete this look.Cricut Control KnifeNext, I hung the sheeting in front of the canvas but left a space so that a person could go behind the clover but in from of the canvas. After this, I was able to add more clovers to the piece floating in front to make the canvas set behind look as if the cut out clover was shooting out mini clovers! I kept the colors in order of the canvas as well. Note that I hung the sheeting in front of my covered canvas by hanging it from my ceiling.

Cricut Four Leaf CloversYou can see how from straight on this looks like it is all one flat piece. As you walk up to this backdrop you can see how the left and right photo show the depth.Cricut Photo BackdropWhat is a photo booth with out props? If you have a Cricut Maker you can create just about anything (seriously- anything) and quick! The red beard is felt, the pot of gold is black corrugated paper with holographic coins. Last you can see the cutest leprechaun hat in green sparkle paper! All three props were made and assembles in minutes thanks to Cricut!   Cricut RainbowAt the end of this rainbow is all sorts of photographic gold!Cricut St. Patrick's Day Backdrop






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