Shaker Style Kindness Banner

When I first saw the saying, “Toss kindness around like confetti,” I just loved it. When I first held and shook a shaker card, I was obsessed. In fact, I liked the shaker card so much that I wanted to figure out a way to make it the center of attention. Thus, the two ideas merged and the shaker style kindness banner was born!

Toss Kindness Around like Confetti

If you didn’t see the original shaker style kindness banner, you can see it here with the other party inspirations I created for Xyron. Knowing people would be so kind (see what I did there) about liking this banner, here is the full tutorial for it!

Cricut Maker

What You will need:

Most supplies were sourced from Michaels; Cricut Maker, Cricut Mat, Fine Blade (comes with your machine), Deep Cut Blade, Card stock, Cricut Acetate, Craft foam, Sparkle Paper and a Tape Roller. Now, let’s get started! First, let’s open our Cricut Design space and choose the “Cricut Outline” font. Type out our word (your “top pieces”) and you will duplicate one letter at a time to now make your bottom piece. Once you have your letters, add a square shape and place it over a letter, highlight BOTH the letter and the square, then slice (bottom right on the screen). Once your shape (shown in the middle photo below) is sliced- highlight them and select “contour” in the bottom right. You’ll see the option to make the letter solid.

Kindness Banner Design Space

Cutting the Layers

As you can see above in the last photo, there will be two full words, one set is the outlined one and the other is the solid. For teaching purposes, we are going to show you the next steps just using the first letter “K” for this tutorial. You’ll see below in the first photo that you will need two of the Cricut outlined letter and two of the solid base letter. Then select make. You will see that we will first be cutting the outlined k and then the solid.

Kindness Banner Cricut Design Space

Four Letters, Three Materials

The first two cuts will be the top layer and your third. First, is your piece that will be on the very front, in this tutorial it will be card stock. Choose the card stock setting and proceed to cut.

Kindness Banner Cricut

Cricut Outline Font

After you have removed your card stock completely from the mat it is time for the next cut. The second cut is your third later. This is the later that needs to be the craft foam that will allow the little gap for your shaker card to work. Switch your settings when prompted to the deep blade and proceed.

Kindness Banner Craft Foam

Kindness Banner Cricut cut foam

Remover the craft foam from you mat and continue with your solid pieces, the second and fourth layer. This first solid cut will be your Cricut acetate. Change your settings to acetate and the Maker will prompt you to load the fine tip blade.

Kindness Banner Cricut Acetate

Kindness Banner Cricut star acetate

After you have removed your acetate from the Cricut mat, load your final piece which is your backing for the shaker style banner.

Kindness Banner Cricut cutting card stock

Assembly Time!

Layout all of your pieces in order to see how you will assemble your banner. Solid base, craft foam, acetate and finishing with your card stock cricut outline piece. Start with your solid base and your craft foam solid layer.

Kindness Banner layers

Apply your tape runner (I prefer the solid tape for this project over the dotted) to the inside edging of your letter. Once tape is on all of the edging, apply to the solid base.

Kindness Banner assembly

I created my very own confetti using Cricut Sparkle paper and cutting different sized stars! Once your foam is in place, fill your letter with you confetti!

Kindness Banner confetti

Your confetti is in your letter, time to add tape/glue to the inside edging of the foam- now on the opposite side because we need the acetate to stick on and contain that confetti inside the letter. Acetate is amazing and this one from Cricut has some additional starts printed right on!

Kindness Banner Cricut Shaker Style

Place your acetate onto top of the foam and push into place. Add more of that tape runner to the top of that and finish off your letter with the last layer- the cricut outline card stock piece.

Kindness Banner Cricut Shaker style confetti

Your very own shaker style banner!

You’re done! Just repeat these super simple steps with each letter until you are finished. I love how these banners are 3d and interactive. Enjoy shaking things up a bit!

Shaker style banner



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