Rocky Bedroom Makeover

Child anxiety bedroom

The only request from our oldest daughter for Christmas was that she “get her own room.” I guess when you are nine and your sister is five that you may want your own space. Our girl wanted a space of her own that reflected her and her needs/wants. Not only does she love the outdoors and climbing but she started to climb because of her anxiety. This rocky bedroom makeover shows her love for rock climbing white sparkling as bright as she does!

She Will Move Mountains

Girl room makeover

From the weighted blanket, bungee cord chair, mermaid fabric headboard/stars to the neon sign of encouragement, this room was made just for Madison. Her blanket helps calm her mind when she needs to fall asleep. Her chair allows her to bounce and move while she reads. The mermaid fabric on her mountain cut out head board and stars on the wall acts as a fidget and texture for her hands. Madison selected the teal room color and requested her bedding to be purple. This room is also full of organization with hidden drawers under bed, a thought out desk space and a large mirror for her.

ombre curtains
Neon Sign in bedroom
Bedroom mirror

For Madison’s anxiety we wanted her to not only have the sensory textiles at her finger tips but also the positive reinforcement she deserves. From using my Cricut Maker to cut out this vinyl to the “this girl can” this room helps her succeed as soon as she wakes up. Shop all of her decor here.

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